Obama’s Love/Hate Relationship With the Rich

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It is easy for a person to take a dime from someone in front of witnesses and give it to another in need when the person taking the dime gives a dollar back in exchange when it is done in secret.

Americans give 60% of all money that the Catholic Church receives.  We are the most generous people in the world and have the most billionaires in the world.  Our stock market is as strong as it is thanks mainly to rich people.  Even those designated as poor in America have things well-off people in other nations wish they had.  I still believe that blacks who want reparations for slavery should be the ones who donate billions to Africans whose ancestors weren’t enslaved and brought to America, where their descendants could become rich like their American cousins.  No one thinks that Oprah could have become a billionaire if her ancestors hadn’t been brought to America.  She might have been dead by now if she were in Africa after giving birth to who knows how many children and working hard to survive if she were in a small village.  If she had been born in poverty in an Islamic nation, her chances of being a success would have been less than if she were born in poverty in America because females aren’t punished in America for trying to compete in a predominately male-ruled society where women like Oprah are at times stoned for their “defiant” actions.

Obama and other Liberals, like the recently-elected mayor of New York City, want to redistribute wealth to the poor.  Obama told Joe the Plumber that he believed in wealth redistribution (which should have been a red flag against Obama in 2008.)  But Obama told enough lies people wanted to believe.  If he wanted to associate with the common man during the election, he would have accepted only public funding for his election.  But when a person is offered a cupcake or a sheet cake when they are starving, they’ll chow down on the sheet cake.  That is why Obama appeals to billionaires like George “Spooky Dude” Soros, who funds groups that attack Obama opponents.  It doesn’t matter that Soros has destroyed so many lives in the past and is still at it.  As long as Obama can be isolated from people like him, he can remain in his isolation chamber where golf, shooting hoops, flying in Air Force One, and all the perks of the Presidency are enjoyed.

Have you ever seen him give a billion dollar check to someone like me who has ideas that might be worth trillions?  I don’t exist in Obama’s eyes.  But he loves to go to companies that support his policies and give them billions from the taxpayers (and often, those companies go belly-up while the previous owners end up rich.)  Obama rails against Wall Street and the rich while he has the Fed ”invest” $85 billion a month into the stock market and bonds with money that is basically worthless paper.  If the economy were to grow naturally instead of artificially, we could have an economic collapse as the bubble Obama’s people have been inflating bursts when the funny money from Washington stops coming in.  Obama would rather be seen in front of a camera shaking the hand of retired NBA star Michael Jordan than being in front of a camera shaking the hand of a retiring high school basketball coach in Mississippi (unless Michael Jordan can be there too.) Have you seen Obama put a $100,000 check into the hand of a person who runs soup kitchens?  But I bet he would love to be at the Super Bowl in February and brave the winter storm predicted to give an NFL-supported charity one of those oversized checks for $100,000 as long as millions of people are watching the transaction after the game concludes.

I once visited Washington, DC and noticed that there were people begging for money.  There were also homeless people who could see the Washington Monument.  I told Lynn Samuels, who used to have a Saturday afternoon radio program on WABC, that there shouldn’t be poor people in Washington because it is a Liberal city; and Liberals would never let poor people remain poor because Liberals are supposed to care for people.  She tried to excuse the condition. But she couldn’t explain why Liberals were hypocritical.  The same applies to President Obama.  Why are middle-class and poor people doing worse now than they did before he became President, while he is counting on the rich (those that he often attacks) to support him?

I find it interesting that the government spent less to fight WW II and end it, than it spent to fight poverty in the same length of time and failed to end it.  I hate to think Obama likes poor people–and that is why there are so many of them.  He just likes rich people more and still is considered the friend of poor people.  The wealthy President FDR rode around in a convertible and visited with poor farmers.  The Democrat Party was viewed as the party of the people.  When you consider that inflation and government policies forced many of the descendants of those farmers off of their family farms (yet the Democrat Party is still considered the party of the people), you might wonder who the Democrats really support.

Obama’s appearances in front of walls of “common people” is for the cameras and public consumption.  But he tries to keep the identities of those who secretly give millions to him and the Democrat Party a secret.  And those who attack Obama and the Democrat Party for appealing to the rich are called delusional or Tea Baggers.   But the person whose symbol is the tea bag is more common than the person whose symbol is the money bag.

Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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  • Ed Shick

    Obama is now attending a Funeral of a Man that lived by the same Code as Obama’s , He is the reason that many rich people died and the poor lived on Two Dollars a Day ,, That is what Obama wants for us , Russia did it in about 1917 and there you have Communism ,, We are late waking up ,, he has ran up a Debt we will never be able to Pay ,, We now have troops from China training in our Nation ,, It is time to Arrest this man and his appointees for Treason . I know I am very against a Liar ,, That is probably Trained in Moscow ! They say you can judge a Man by His Friends ,, His adviser was born in Iran and is Another Muslim as is his family from Kenya .