The Party of the Uninformed, Misinformed, and Disinformed

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The Democrat Party is a Big Tent party.  The problem is that there are nothing but clowns inside.  And the ring master is President Obama.  A woman at my church who is a Liberal complained about the big tent comment because she said she wasn’t a clown.  Actually, the leaders of the party wear the grease paint.  But if the size 50 triple Z Bozo fits, wear it.

When Obama said we could keep our doctors and health care insurance if we liked them, he wasn’t lying.  The problem was that the facts didn’t match what he said.  If it weren’t for those nasty facts that are recorded so that they can be used over and over again, Obama would never be in trouble for what he said to millions of people in America.  I would like to say the Democrat Party is the party of the stupid.  But that would insult stupid people who are smart enough to know that Obama and the Democrats are doing a bad job.  So the party must be for the uniformed, misinformed, and disinformed.  Disinformation is a tactic that both parties have practiced throughout America’s history.  But the Democrats have made it an art.

Millions voted for Obama and faithfully vote for Democrats because they are uniformed.  The Democrat Party loves to have people think it is the party of the people.  It still is.  It’s just that I would never want to associate with those people.  That is why it is so hard to believe millions still vote for Democrats, unless they still have that mindset of Democrats wanting what’s best for the people.

When President Hoover wanted to appeal to private charities and donations to end the bad recession started in 1929, the Democrats convinced him that he needed to spend around five times more to end what became the Great Depression and jack up the top income tax rate.  Also, the Smoot/Hawley Act and keeping crushing economic restrictions on Germany were supported.  I read this at the skyscraper museum in New York City on a copy of the front page of one of the newspapers that announced the construction of the Empire State Building.  Smoot/Hawley, which was supported unfortunately by Republicans, caused a trade war with nations around the world that sank our economy; and the punishment of Germany caused WW II by making Hitler an attractive “savior” of Germany.  But uniformed Democrats may not know that Democrats made conditions worse in the world.  They want to praise FDR for supposedly ending the Great Depression, when it was actually WW II that ended it.

The misinformed want to believe the lies that are told to them.  It is easier to say a person lied to you than to admit you believed their lies.  When people voted for Obama, they thought he was eligible to be President.  But because he wasn’t a natural-born citizen (since his father wasn’t an American citizen), he wasn’t eligible to be President according to the Constitution.  Our Founding Fathers put that restriction in the Constitution because they feared that a future President might have torn loyalties if one of their parents wasn’t an American citizen.   Would they side with the nation of their parent, or with America?

Also, ironically, Obama taught about the Constitution in college.  You would think he read the natural-born citizenship requirement in the Constitution.  He had to.  But he didn’t think it applied to him; and since he was chosen to run for President in 2008, he rightly assumed the general public didn’t care.  He also had the big advantage of being black.  He and his supporters could always fall back upon the claim of racism against anyone who didn’t like Obama.  But as I have said for a long time, among the brain-dead, a half-wit is considered a genius (especially the one in the White House.) If that can be considered racism, then that means the person making that accusation thinks blacks are either brain-dead or half-wit geniuses.  Now that would be true racism, which no one in their right mind would believe.  Then again, I often question whether Liberals are ever in their right mind.

Obama and his people appeal to the disinformed because disinformation is used so often.  We think that Obama said what he said in order to be elected and stay in office.  But we are told that he meant something else.  He said he would cut the deficit in half in four years.  But it is nearly twice the size it was when he became President. And it is around half the size it was at its peak, thanks to the mandatory spending reductions which Obama hoped Americans would fear.  If Obama told someone who weighed 400 pounds that he could cut his weight in half, the person would assume he would be 200 pounds.  But thanks to disinformation, Obama would feed the person until he was 1200 pounds and then reduce the weight to 600.  He would technically cut the person’s weight in half.  But he would still be 200 pounds heavier than he was in the beginning.  That is how disinformation can explain why the budget deficit is larger than it was while Bush was President, but still be considered cut in half.

There are lies, the truth, and the mashing together of both called disinformation.  To Hitler, it made sense for the Allied invasion to happen at Calais; and we allowed him to believe it while we headed for Normandy.  When Obama said we could keep our doctor and health care insurance if we liked them, he was talking to only those rich enough to afford them.   Next November, we should wage a disinformation campaign and make Democrats think they will win big while we vote overwhelmingly for Republicans.   I bet Democrats would blame all three of those types of people who used to support them for their loss.


Photo credit: BeFrank (Creative Commons)

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  • Lisa

    Please proof read before posting articles. It’s uninformed, not “uniformed”, totally different meanings. May be a small error but like many others, I find it unfortunate (and irritating) when repeated misspellings are aloud to go into an article without being caught in what is otherwise quite fascinating and educational.