Obamacare: “It’s a Wonderful Lie”

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As this Christmas season unfolds, let us speak the truth about Obamacare: “It’s a Wonderful Lie” for Barack Obama.

Obama built his Obamacare scheme on so many lies that it is hard to keep track of them. The obvious ones (“if you like your doctor, or your healthcare plan, you can keep them”) are becoming well recognized, but they are far from the only lies a little simple deduction can reveal. There are so many fatal errors in Obamacare that it really is difficult to take it seriously. In fact, if it wasn’t a reality already (if it had actually been discussed and debated before it was voted on, as was the stuff of yet another lie from Obama), his signature legislation would have been laughed at and rejected.

It was clearly written either by drug-addled progressives in a smoke-induced dream, or cynical people who wanted it to fail so Obama could more easily stampede Americans into the clutches of single-payer healthcare. My money is on the latter. One has to be able to think in a clever manner to write something that looks like it is supposed to be a genuine program, but is really a mess designed to be dead on arrival, as Obamacare has been shown to be.

One of the cynical group’s more clever lies is built on their understanding of the media as the liberal cheerleaders they are. They knew the media is lazy and devoid of curiosity. They knew the media would never do the simple calculations needed to make Obamacare the laughing stock it should be.

Here’s what they missed.

We are told that Obamacare needs 40% of those it signs up to be under 35 years old. This makes sense because any good Ponzi scheme needs a fresh supply of money coming in at the bottom of its pyramid. We are told that this is a problem because these young suckers have been hesitant to sign up; and using some mumbo jumbo numbers, the media frets that only about 29% seem ready to do so. Woe is Obama!

What they don’t tell us is that these young people only make up about 26% of voting age Americans; so when only about 30% sign up, that will be about 8% of what Obamacare needs to stay afloat.  Facts are stubborn things.

Obama knew this, and he lied by omission.   

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  • wildbill446

    As many lies this imposter has told, I’ll repeat what I once said, “When he dies, the epitaph on his tombstone will read, “Here Lies the body of truth, it damn sure never came out of him when he lived”