Video: Obama’s Plan To Destroy The Tea Party

If you think Obama using the IRS to attack the Tea Party was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.

What Obama may be planning for the Tea Party in the future will send chills up and down your spine.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video for details.

5 comments to Video: Obama’s Plan To Destroy The Tea Party

  • Guest

    LOL…Krissypoo, destroying the Trash Party is easy. Teach then to read, bathe and walk upright and they’ll act like adults.

    How, how come no one pays any attention to you?

  • Susy

    Obama in connection with RINOS of the Republican Party. And “Guest”, most of us in the Tea Party (which is not really a party at all), are very well educated with high degrees and are very clean and DO act like adults. What, are you smoking something? Live in Colorado? Mass? Washington state? Again, the Tea Party is not a party at all, just a large group of people that want this country saved and become a Repbulic that follows our Constitution again. Get the mentally deranged out of power. Both parties.

  • wildbill446

    Well Obama will be in for a shock after the Mid-term elections. Then watch out he is up to something and it’s not for our benefit. As for that clown with the low IQ, he took a break from his “Porn” Sites. When he does take a break it’s because part of his appendages is sore. Notice he doesn’t elaborate only makes comments, to get your goat.

  • danstewart

    I think obummer & the entrenched rinos are in a contest to see who can do the most damage to the Tea Party. Hopefully, they will both get the shock of their lives next November.

  • ItsJo

    Good post Susy- Tea Party Patriots, are NOT a party, but rather a group of True American Patriots that DO believe in our Republic, Constitution and the Freedom of ALL people, and their Independence. They came from ALL walks of life, to protest the DemoThug/Dictator Obama, who is continually eroding those freedoms and his oppressive Regime of Radicals, who answer to No One. As for the Guest, ignore the little twit who posts from his mom’s cellar and most likely is on the Gubmint Dole. Just another “Obama Bootlicker”