Video: Fox’s Gutfeld: Impeach Kenyan-Born Interloper Obama

On Fox News’ ‘The Five,’ Greg Gutfeld says we should impeach the Kenyan-born interloper Obama!

4 comments to Video: Fox’s Gutfeld: Impeach Kenyan-Born Interloper Obama

  • stevor

    Since he’s ILLEGAL, you don’t impeach him. You throw him (and most of the others who are complicit, which is most of congress and the Supreme Court) IN PRISON (though a firing squad might solve the problem better for the future)

  • Guest

    What a truly pathetic display of pettiness. It’s no wonder people who watch this garbage are the bottom of the GOP barrel.

  • Carolyne

    I agree that Obama was not born in the US, but in Kenya. I realize that many Democrats don’t want to admit the truth, but it is the country which suffers from this usurper. I suggest that you think of the welfare of your country before you protect your Democratic party. The country is more important than politics. There is ample proof of Obama’s place of birth and his forged documents. Why do you think he has spent millions to keep his records sealed? How about his college records? What reason could there be for sealing them? Maybe because he was a foreign exchange student? How about his social security number from Connecticut, a state in which he never lived? Why is his passport sealed? Could it be because he was adopted by his Indonesian Muslim step-father which made him a citizen of Indonesia? The proof is all available for anyone who wishes to know the truth.