Video: Progressive Democrats Demand Obama Rule As A Dictator

More than two dozen House Democrats wrote a letter to President Obama urging him to use executive authority to provide amnesty for the country’s 11 million illegal immigrants.

4 comments to Video: Progressive Democrats Demand Obama Rule As A Dictator

  • Carolyne

    Rule as a dictator? He already is. He does not have the legal authority to change the ACA law, yet he has done so a number of times. Only Congress can legislate, not the President. He cannot legally decide which laws will be enforced, i.e. not enforcing DOMA and immigration laws. Nor does he have the right to have proven enemies of the country, i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood, ensconced in his White House staff.
    He already is a dictator and I expect that there will be a pretext to declare Martial Law before the next presidential election so that he can stay in control.

  • azjen

    Carolyne, I have suspected this all along. I hope that we are not right. However, if you are as aware of what is going on as I am, you know that we are gradually having all of BO’s wishes pushed on us. Whether he can do it or not, he has already proven that he can & will. ACA is not a healthcare plan. It’s a tax & the middle class will be hit the hardest by this tax.

  • ItsJo

    As long as our “Wimps in Congress, sit by idly and allow this Dictator to RULE Over Americans, then we DO have a Dictator in fact.” They better find the courage, honesty and faith in our Republic to REMOVE this man, who has already caused so many problems, in our nation. He has Proved that he dislikes “Arrogant(his words) America, and wants to punish us for our country’s past”….he is Deliberately taking America Down to Her Knees as the Wimps of Congress Allow It.

  • ItsJo

    BTW: Obama SHOULD be removed from office, for “Aiding and Abetting OUR Enemies, HIS Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists, that he is providing with Arms and OUR Tax Dollars, as he has done for them, in Libya, Egypt(that is going to charge Obama with crimes against their people) and in Syria, as he is promoting HIS M.B. oust Assad.” He is MORE worried about Muslims than Americans, as he hasn’t spoken out Once for their KILLING Christians Worldwide. Obama has LIED about almost ALL he’s done, AGAINST Americans’ and it’s time that he IS charged with “Aiding and Abetting OUR Enemies”, that he took an oath to protect Americans, but is NOT, as he is using America as a “Dumping Ground in brining in the foreigners who would STILL like to kill Americans”