What If Atheists Completely Had Their Way?

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Tis the season for atheists to deny the existence of God.  Christmas is when we honor the birthday of Christ, even though many believe Jesus was born either during the Fall or Spring.  Christians accept Christ as the incarnate Son of God who died for the sins of mankind on the cross, rose again on Easter, spent 40 more days on earth when over 500 people saw Him, and ascended into Heaven where He lives today.  But atheists believe He is either just a historical figure or possibly a myth.  Nevertheless, billions have accepted his existence; and many of them have accepted Christ as their Savior and by faith believed or believe that they have eternal life in Heaven.

Atheists have been around for millennia and have throughout the ages modified their actions to accommodate Jews and Christians who believe in the existence of God.  Untold numbers of events and actions are attributed to God.  People who should have been dead have been raised physically to live healthy lives.  Angels have been seen as they have served people and saved many of them.  There were people in one of the Trade Towers who were led to the right stairwell by someone who appeared out of nowhere and disappeared after the people escaped death.  Books are full of accounts of angelic intervention.

Atheists like to use separation of church and state to attack nativity scenes in public places and sue schools that allow people to pray.  When I was a senior at Hillcrest High School in Springfield, Missouri in 1974, I gave the convocational prayer at my graduation.  No one sued the school or me on the grounds of separation of church and state.  According to the First Amendment, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  Schools, city halls, statehouses, and other public places are not a part of Congress; otherwise, they would send representatives to Washington.  For atheists to be correct, there should possibly be millions of Congressmen.  If atheists don’t like the public display of Christian symbols and historical presentations, that’s just too bad.  The Constitution doesn’t condemn them.

But what if God didn’t exist?  If so, we would work seven days a week because there would be no Jews to demand Saturdays off to worship God, and no Christians to demand Sundays off to worship Him. Easter would still be a fertility festival; and in December, we would celebrate the Winter Solstice.  But if God didn’t exist to create the universe, there are doubts that it would exist because according to accepted laws of physics, if the Big Bang occurred, all the particles blown out at hyperlight speed would never come back together because gravity would have never overcome the expansion.

But let’s say the impossible happened and the universe as we know it happened without God having anything to do with its creation.  Life is too complex to have happened by accident.  Since nature tries to be as simple as possible, there wouldn’t be the variety of plants and animals in the world.  Atheists try to explain the difficulties away and attack those who don’t believe in the general laws of evolution.  But scientists have to “interfere” with nature in order to “prove” evolution.  Let’s say the impossible again happened, and God had nothing to do with what we see.  Humanity would not be like it is today.  The world would be a brutal place in which survival of the fittest would be the rule.

People would be expendable because most people in the world wouldn’t matter.  Eating people would be acceptable because animals eat other animals.  If someone were angry with someone, they could kill them and eat them if they were hungry.  If someone was born physically or mentally handicapped, he/she would be allowed to die because he/she would be considered expendable.  If someone needed something, he could take it; and if the owner didn’t want them to take it, he could kill the person.  There would be no police, courts, or prisons because animals don’t have them; and we would be a higher form of animal.  No one would have a conscience as we know it because nothing would be wrong, and right would be anything that allows us to survive.

There may not be culture because it might be considered a wasted effort.  Surviving would be the main activity.  If a man wanted to have sex with a woman, he could choose any woman he wanted because there would be no such thing as rape.  Animals have sex; and if we are just a higher form of animal, having sex with hundreds or thousands of women and girls would be normal.  Deformed babies would either be thrown away or eaten, just like other females at times eat their young.  There would be no big fuss about abortion or contraception.  If a woman or girl didn’t want to carry a baby to full term, the baby would be exterminated; and the female would be on her way.  Of course, if the one who impregnates her wanted her to have the baby, he might kill her and be on his way.

The population might be either half of what it is today, or two or three times what it is today unless disease and war wiped out multitudes.  Then again, since war is illogical and animals let sick ones die, the population might balance out.  Hospitals might exist.  But they would be rare since Godly people respect life and want to sustain it.  There would be no need for cemeteries because it would be considered a waste of meat to bury a body in the ground when it could be eaten.  Then again, bodies could be processed into fuel for homes and vehicles.

Laws are often based on a respect for God and morality. But if there was no God, why should there be laws?  I thank God I’m not an atheist.

Photo credit: yoshinari (Creative Commons)

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  • wildbill446

    So far I have noticed that the majority of the “Atheists” are people that have Never Served in the Military which make the saying :There are no Atheists in a Fox hole” to be true. I have had several approach me to argue they are Atheists, I usually tell them “Good for you, Well You are not going to change my way of thinking and I know I’m not going to change you, so let’s just drop it”. And let it go, it’s their problem not mine.