Here’s A Hammer To Beat Me With

Ryan Murry

The Ryan-Murray budget deal is a fake and a fraud that the Stupid Party thinks is on the level and that the Democrats have deftly constructed as a trap.

It has only just been announced and it has already caused another split in the Republican Party which is just what the Democrats wanted to happen.

This “split”was designed to happen. It was a very simple trap that is forcing the Republicans into another intermural war. The Democrats have once again played rope-a-dope with the hapless GOP; and once again John Boehner, the Charlie Brown of politics, has fallen right into a trap set for him by Harry Reid.

When Paul Ryan became the Republican face of this deal and Democrat Washington Senator Patty Murray, the “mom in tennis shoes” took the point for the Democrats what is happening today became unavoidable.

Because Ryan is involved, conservatives have good reason to immediately suspect it as just another trick from a snake oil salesman who regularly insults us with lies about how amnesty for illegal aliens is vital to saving our economy.

Apparently the GOP has no idea how infuriating this kind of talk is to conservatives, but the Democrats clearly do. It’s obvious the Democrats worked with Ryan knowing he is so radio-active to conservatives that anything coming from him (just because it was coming from him) would cause an immediate split in the Republican Party.

To make this Democrat trap work a few key elements have had to materialize and they have. Boehner is playing his part by attacking conservatives which gets the pot boiling. Conservatives are doing just what the Democrats knew we would because we loath Ryan.  Selecting the non-threatening, and largely incompetent Patty Murray puts the perfect face on this for a huge Democrat victory whether this deal passes into law or not.

The Democrats need only sit back and wait to have their media lap dogs start attacking Republicans for being unwilling to compromise and being “meanies” who are captive to the TEA party. This will not end well for America.

Charlie Brown might be a “good man” but John Boehner is a hapless fool the Democrats have once again played like a fiddle.  

Photo Credit:  Standard Compliant

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