Video: Utah Now Allows Polygamy!

Morals have been thrown out the door. All it takes is a Liberal Judge, and there is no shortage of Liberal Judges.

2 comments to Video: Utah Now Allows Polygamy!

  • Carolyne

    This is further on the road the liberals are taking this country to ruin. Rome collapsed because morals were thown out the window. We are collapsing because liberals are destroying the moral fiber of the country. Our traditional values are what has kept us thriving for the last 200 and some years. When these values are destroyed by left-wing judges and politicians, the country is lost. With a foreign-born Muslim in the White House and with Harry Reid’s nuclear option, left-wing judges will be confirmed in increasing numbers and if Ginsburg retires from the Supreme Court, Obama can appoint another anti-American judge in her place. Obama’s desired Grand Caliphate will take over.

    • azjen

      Carolyne, All that you said is the truth. However, I really don’t think this idiot knows what he is talking about. Living in AZ & UT being just north of us, I’m sure word would have gotten around about UT allowing polygamy. We have our fair share of Mormons in this state & I cannot help but think that this would be in the news & people would be talking about it. I don’t know where this Gabor Zolna came from, but he’s not as funny as he gives himself credit for. I’m surprised that this website would allow him to talk like he has & he always laughs at all that he say & personally I do not find him funny at all!! I guess by laughing at himself then he feels he is funny-not!!