Boehner Vs. The Tea Party

Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)

Boehner Goes To War With Tea Party

That is a headline on Fox Nation that clearly depicts the major issue within the Republican Party. Partisanship within the Republican Party between the moderates and the Tea Party has conservatives sniping at each other instead of being united in opposition against Obama.

That is something that has to end.

The problem is that to end the internal sniping requires the charismatic leadership of a coalition builder, which John Boehner is not – nor will he ever be. Mitch McConnell does not have that ability either. However, Tea Party supporters also have to realize that standing solely on principle does not make an individual electable. Without the power of political office, principles are meaningless in terms of effecting change in society. You must have the power and responsibility of governing.

There has to be a new leadership within the Republican Party to build a stable coalition of ideas, policies, and support between moderates and conservatives.

The original intent of the organization of the federal government was for the House of Representatives to represent the people, and the Senate would represent the best interests of the state. Using that frame of reference, look at the make-up of the House of Representatives over the last four years. The American people are still a center-right nation. The problem is that we are being governed by ideologues on one side, challenged by one-issue politicians on the other.

There has to be compromise. Compromise will allow both wings of the Republican Party to unite into one cohesive political party capable of winning elections for years to come.

To the moderates in the Republican Party:

  • We have to show fiscal restraint. Entitlements (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) that are going bankrupt anyway cannot consume a larger portion of the federal budget each year. There has to be reform; the funding has to be capped at its current level.  (If it is going bankrupt anyway, then why should we continue to pump more money into it? Sanity must prevail.)
  • The federal government cannot continue to do everything. That is a Democrat idea that is a clear failure. Republicans must show leadership and start trimming the government (even if it is only $23 billion at a time).

To the Tea Party members of the Republican Party:

  • Governing a country requires money. We have to spend money; and sometimes that requires the government to raise money, which is done through raising taxes.
  • More importantly, governing requires candidates who are elected. Sitting on the sidelines because you do not like the candidate for not being conservative enough is the equivalent of voting for a Democrat. (Is that the choice you want to make?)

I could continue, but one would think that these points (as well as numerous others that could be listed) are obvious. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Republicans in the Senate are fighting over the Ryan-Murray budget deal and not forcing the Democrats to do anything. So, put yourself in Harry Reid’s shoes – why should he do anything? Mitch McConnell is opposing the bill and allowing the Democrats to continue to blame the pending January shutdown on the Republicans once again.

Republicans need to become united around a common set of values and ideas. We need to elect politicians who can balance reflecting our ideals while also continuing to govern. One cannot be done without the other.

This infighting has to stop. It is time for our party to unite.


Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey (Creative Commons)

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