Accomplished Liar Sebelius Changes Obamacare Rules AGAIN

Sebelius Obamacare Supporter SC

On December 11th, HHS head Kathleen Sebelius told Darrell Issa’s House Government Oversight Committee that 365,000 had enrolled in ObamaCare. Later on during the hearing, this conversation took place between Sebelius and Representative Michael Burgess (R) of Texas concerning the definition of “enrolled”:

Burgess: What if that patient doesn’t make the premium payment? You said they’re covered Dec. 23, but they never write the check. They never make the payment.

Sebelius: Then they’re not covered. They are not enrolled, and at every point along the way, on the website they are told until they make the payment—

Sebelius repeated this claim to the Committee often and without hesitation–if a “customer” has not paid, they are not covered.

Oh, what a difference a day makes! Twenty four hours after giving this assurance to Rep. Burgess, Sebelius once again changed the Affordable Care Act and moved the goal posts, ALL in the name of politics. December 23rd is no longer the date by which payment must be made by ObamaCare enrollees to their insurance provider. Instead, the HHS boss stated that “…insurance companies MUST accept payments through December 31…for health care coverage that begins the next day, Jan. 1.”

And by the way, she is also “urging” insurance providers to “…give consumers additional time to pay their first month’s premium and still have coverage beginning Jan. 1, 2014.” Urging. That’s like how the IRS “urges” Americans to pay their taxes by April 15. Just sort of a pointed suggestion, but of course you’re welcome to do otherwise if the spirit moves you.

So the Regime ignores the written provisions of its own Affordable Care Act and places more and more pressure on insurance companies to foot the bill for any changes, all for the purpose of placating voters. Healthcare insurance coverage must be provided on January 1st for a policy enrollee who claims he mailed in the check for his payment one day earlier. And even if he hasn’t paid by the middle of January, insurers are “urged” to provide coverage anyhow! What are the odds these insurance providers will actually be reimbursed by the Regime for losses incurred thanks to Kathleen’s “urging?”

The Regime takeover of America’s insurance industry is designed to destroy private insurers as it paves the way to single payer and complete federal control. The question is whether participating companies–and there really aren’t that many nationwide–will behave like Republicans by going along in order to get along, HOPING all the while that they will receive fair treatment at the hands of the radical left. We’ve seen how well that has worked out for the GOP so far.

Here’s hoping insurers aren’t stupid enough to believe that anything written on paper or promised by Barack Obama will save them from the most corrupt Administration in history.

We’ll find out very soon.

And as always, thanks a heap, Chief Justice Roberts.

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