Video: Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate Brings Call For Revolution

More and more Americans are calling for Revolution—a demand that Obama “put down the Quran and leave the White House”—with a renewed scrutiny of Obama’s birth certificate after it was revealed in the lawsuit Klayman v. Obama that there existed multiple versions of Obama’s birth certificate—proving it’s a forgery.

The judge quietly dismissed the case on December 16, 2013; but with Larry Klayman singlehandedly winning a lawsuit against the NSA’s massive spying program on the exact same day, everyone from pundits to politicians are taking a new look at Obama’s forged birth certificate.

Conservatives who have long called for Obama’s impeachment are being joined by Americans from every political stripe, demanding that the Forger-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, get out of the White House—immediately—now!

5 comments to Video: Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate Brings Call For Revolution

  • Guest

    Krissypoo, name a single serious politician who is “taking a new look at Obama’s forged birth certificate.”

    You poisonous little lawn sausage…no one has ever believed a word you say here, so it’s unlikely anyone will be rising up in arms over this latest steaming pile of Zane.

    • Me_in_Canada_Eh

      Hey dickhead, communist wussyboy, wish I could meet you outside some day. You disgusting piece of excrement, you would know all about lawn sausages as they are your own relatives. You don’t even have the guts to create an account. Sewer-dweller.

  • Ex-Army

    Larry Klayman, a stupendous nut case pursuing a nutty argument for one more “impeachment crisis” du jour! The man loses all credibility, which is a shame, because he could be effective going after the gross violation of our 4th Amendment rights by NSA. But this silliness undercuts his effectiveness in dealing with serious issues.

  • msbetz

    Obots must be terrified of Klayman…making them crazy, er crazier.

  • Joe G

    Eventually, the whole truth will eventually be known and I firmly believe those of you that choose to ignore the increasing amount of evidence presented by Sheriff Joe’s investigators will have egg on your faces. I wonder, if Obama hasn’t anything to hide,why are all his records sealed?