Video: Obama’s Al-Qaeda Rebels Burn Christian Villagers Alive

In what is reminiscent of Nazi atrocities, Obama-backed al-Qaeda rebels massacred dozens of villagers—most of them Christians—by burning them alive using large ovens the village used to bake bread. 

This was actually the second act of genocide funded by our President, Barack Hussein Obama. The first massacre occurred on August 21, 2013, in which the same Syrian rebels dropped a chemical weapon in the eastern suburb of Eastern Ghouta, Syria. This was the same chemical weapon that Obama blamed on Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. All shown to be a lie by high-level sources in the Pentagon cited by Pulitzer-Prize winning author Seymour Hersh in a blockbuster article. In fact, per Hersh, Obama lied about the extent of his planned war against Syria. Per his sources, Obama had in fact planned a full-scale invasion of Syria, using a staggering 70,000 troops, that was to last months if not years.

It’s a wonder the American people haven’t surrounded the White House with torches and pitchforks demanding that the psychopath of a President, Barack Hussein Obama, be tarred and feathered.

3 comments to Video: Obama’s Al-Qaeda Rebels Burn Christian Villagers Alive

  • Guest

    Where is your proof, you sick little turd?

  • roy

    Whaterer they said he did, he did it, aAnd Some More Besides, that hasen’t been FOUND OUT YET, you little Obamabot Phuck!

    • Guest

      LOL…temper temper there, Roy. Maybe you need to finish the 5th grade before you start defending Krissy. But by all means try to tell me what “hasen’t been FOUND OUT YET.”