Forget About A GOP Victory Next Year

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It is undeniably fun to watch the polls turn against Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. After so much frustration, we conservatives can take comfort in the suffering of those who voted the Democrats into power; but that really doesn’t help us in the long run. You can’t eat schadenfreude. We have our real life to deal with; and right now, our real life isn’t looking very good.

Those who followed last year’s election know the polls showed that good things were coming until the pollsters finally figured out they were talking to the wrong people. When Rasmussen effectively searched out those who had not been previously surveyed, Mitt Romney’s side collapsed.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the polls and surveys we are seeing today have a similar fundamental flaw; they are all vulnerable to collapse because of the agenda of John Boehner and the rest of the GOPe (including the Chamber of Commerce.)

The advantages held by Republicans today will be distant memories next November. Nevertheless, the vicious uncalled-for attacks on conservatives by John Boehner, Peter King, John McCain, and their like will not be forgotten. They will become rallying cries to fight against the Republican Party next year.

Those who are tempted to think that since conservatives have nowhere else to go, Republicans will win by default, ought to reconsider. Boehner’s insistence upon waving amnesty as a red flag in the face of conservatives will lead to the evaporation of the GOP’s base support overnight.

The Republicans are fooling themselves into believing that the mere word “Democrat” attached to an opponent will bring them easy victories, because it won’t do anything of the sort after amnesty. To the contrary, Republicans who vote for amnesty will carry a scarlet “A” on their foreheads; and being backed by “The Chamber of Commerce” will be a one way ticket to unemployment.

Republicans connected to amnesty will get no base support and no votes of “gracias” from newly-minted Democrats.

If the tone of this essay conveys the message that amnesty will bring about a big election night for Democrats and the beginning of the end for the Republican Party, I’ve made my case.

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  • wildbill446

    I have been hearing this same tune for some time now. I think one missing factor is most Conservatives I speak to and know say they intend to vote out the “Rino’s” and other GOP members that keep sliding left and calling them selves “Moderates”. John McCain is one for instance and Lindsey Graham, he says he a “Progressive” that’s code word for Communist and wants bigger Government. But we’ll see next Nov.