Will People Want Another Obama As President In 2064?


When Democrats talk about great Presidents they mention Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR).  He gave hope to America during the Great Depression, which Democrats made worst by raising taxes and Republicans made worst by supporting Smoot/Hawley which created a trade war with the world.  FDR might have been inspired by the employment program Hitler used to put Germans back to work improving Germany or maybe Hitler was inspired by Roosevelt who put millions of Americans back to work improving America.  Both men were idolized by the masses.  Hitler helped FDR become the savior of the world when Germany started WW II and allowed America to put people back to work in the factories to produce weapons of war to be used against Hitler.

Programs begun during the New Deal of FDR have cost this nation trillions of dollars.  The program both Democrats and Republicans embraced was Social Security which will go broke long before 2064.  LBJ came along a generation later and gave us the Great Society which cost us trillions more dollars.  Medicare was LBJ’s contribution to nationalized health care.  It is predicted to go broke before Social Security does.  Obama’s “Affordable” Care Act has the potential of costing us trillions of dollars unless it is abolished.  But Obamacare won’t go broke unless the nation goes bankrupt.

Republicans recognize Ronald Reagan as one of the best Presidents ever elected.  Some of his harshest critics say he might have been suffering from Alzheimer’s the last few years of his Presidency.  Granting amnesty for illegal aliens and raising taxes during those years might have been evidence of that.  But overall he helped the nation while he was President even during those last few years.  What do Obamaniacs blame for Obama doing so bad during his Presidency?  There are people in Germany that still believe Hitler was Germany’s greatest leader just like old people in Russia wish there were another Stalin controlling the nation.  But will people wish there were another Obama in the White House in 2064?

Let’s say in November enough fictional characters and dead people voted for Democrats and that warehouses full of uncounted ballots that favored Democrats were discovered like what has happened in the past?   The Democrats could have a death grip on the Senate and seize the House to give Obama near-dictatorial power.  What might he do during the last two years, barring martial law which could cancel the 2016 election?  Here is a list of what might happen:

(1) The coal industry is shut down and all coal-fired power plants are closed which would greatly increase electric rates.

(2) The EPA is allowed to regulate America to death and force us to stop using fossil fuels and switch to alternative energy sources which would be like exchanging the carriage horses in Central Park in New York City for starving poodles.

(3) Global warming has over a trillion dollars thrown at it to end it even though many experts say the sun will reverse global warming on its own for free.

(4) Conservative opponents will be investigated and charged with hate speech so they can be silenced.  If Putin can control the Russian news media that doesn’t support him, maybe Obama can control FOX News that doesn’t support him and imprison his critics for treason against him.

(5) The Departments of Education, Energy, the Environment, Housing, Agriculture, and Welfare receive much more money than the Pentagon.  Those in the military may need to be on welfare and the wounded warriors that will be forced to pay for their own care don’t seem to matter to Obama.  It’s as if those that take from the taxpayers are more honorable than those that served their country honorably.

(6) The Please-Don’t-Kill-Americans-And-Be-Nice-To-Us campaign Obama has been on since before becoming President will continue and our enemies will laugh and plan to attack America on American soil.  Obama doesn’t dare point out that Satan also hates America and Israel and that he smiles every time an Islamic extremist kills a Christian, Jew, or Muslim that may be in the wrong sect.  Obama would be indicating that he believes followers of Allah may in fact be doing the will of Satan.  That fact would be considered an insult and Islam is the only religion Liberals don’t dare get mad.  People can say Jesus is a bigot since he doesn’t approve of the homosexual lifestyle and a sexist since he disapproves of abortion.  But we don’t dare say that about Muslims.

(7) Tax rates on the rich will be increased to a “reasonable” rate and tax loopholes will be closed except for those that liberals use.  And if the economy suffers, tax rates will be raised higher.

(8) Obamacare will be expanded to cover more than medical care.  Every program to “help” people will be combined into Obamacare and the slogan may be OBAMACARE IS FOR EVERY AMERICAN BECAUSE OBAMA CARES.

(9) All economic news will be approved by Obama for fear the truth would upset most Americans; even Obamaniacs.

(10) The Liberal Information And Reporting Service (LIARS) will be instituted to disseminate all information Obama deems appropriate to report on.  But would you trust someone who came up to you and said, “I work for LIARS and want you to know the truth.”?

Obama has the potential of becoming the most hated man in America.  If he “succeeds,” the nation will fail.  I foresee riots in the streets as middle class people are thrown into poverty due to Obamacare and our enemies take advantage of the turmoil in this country to commit acts of terrorism.  If homeland security is lessened and political correctness allows those that hate America to enter to destroy it, Americans will blame Obama.  And then when their money becomes little more than Monopoly money and the economy collapses, Americans may blame Obama and his policies more than terrorists do.

You know you’re hated when people burn you in effigy.

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