Video: Obama’s Tyranny Brings Call for Revolution

Obama has gutted our economy and amassed a staggering national debt—projected to be $20 trillion by 2016. But this is child’s play compared to what is to come.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement—the “treaty” that Obama has been negotiating for months behind closed doors—will essentially sign away our sovereignty, nullify the Constitution, and annihilate our economy.

With an economy that has imploded, with money that is worthless, with food shortages and riots—martial law will need to be declared. Obama, as he was in 2008, will be presented as the messiah who will save us from disaster, but this time he will be given full dictatorial powers.

Get ready for a third term: “President for life.”

This man—Barack Hussein Obama—must be stopped.

And that is why a Revolution is building. A Revolution from coast to coast. A Revolution by everyday Americans—demanding that this destroyer of our economy, this destroyer of America, this false messiah resign now—immediately!

5 comments to Video: Obama’s Tyranny Brings Call for Revolution

  • gouchr

    I’ve said this before, this asshole is going to declare Martial Law a couple of months before the elections, the elections will be cancelled, and Hillary will just have to wait!! Why, do you think that the DHS has bought 1.6b rounds of ammo in the past year. The last lead bullet mfg. has closed their doors several weeks ago, siting environmental issues.

    • Guest

      You really have to laugh at Conservative hysteria. Kris Zane posts crap like this three times a week, and every time he pitches a spittle-flecked tantrum ending with “this destroyer of America, this false messiah resign now—immediately!” or some such BS.

      Guess what happens?




      It is a true pleasure watching Republican idiots flock like flies with forks when Krissypoo takes a dump like this one.

  • gouchr

    Even Bill Ayers has or is coming to the right!!

  • gouchr

    Ayers has to sign up for ACA.

  • wildbill446

    This is exactly what Obama wants you to do. Don’t fall for it. He is prepared for this to happen and he’s waiting!. It’s ok to protest and have demonstrations but do not above all get into a violent protest, don’t give the S.O.B a chance.