Video: War On Coal To Skyrocket Energy Prices

White House plans to intensify their Green push on energy – and it will coast you. The draconian war on coal is just the start of it.

3 comments to Video: War On Coal To Skyrocket Energy Prices

  • danstewart

    The “kings” war on coal has nothing to do with emissions, but everything to do with making life more difficult for Americans. His only goal is to destroy the US using every scheme he & his handlers can come up with. He & they are following the Nazi & communist agendas to a “T”.

  • gouchr

    A narcissists Socialist drug using fagot foreigner who is a AFFIRMATIVE ACTION P O S !!!

  • Joe G

    Environmentalists, progressives, democrats have only one goal. They want total control of our lives. As an individual with freedom, when I choose a product to buy, I base my choice partially on cost. I have to buy what I can afford. If everything I buy costs more than I can afford, I’ll go broke. Those in Washington act like we’re all wealthy and the rising cost of necessities like electricity, healthcare, food, and cars makes us better off because the air is cleaner. Before any regulation or law is passed it should be weighed to see what the cost is to the American public. The way Washington is regulating and spending money this nation will be bankrupt in the near future. The money government spends has to be taken from us, the taxpayers. When we have spent all our income on electricity, healthcare, food, and cars where are they going to get it? Oh, I know……China. What comes after that? I’m afraid to even imagine what that will be.
    I urge everyone to think about this next year and vote people into office that will finally take a stand and do what is right for the USA, not the political elite.