Video: WW II Ace Denied Burial Ceremony For 8 Months

Family of WW II Ace Fighter Pilot forced to wait eight months before appropriate burial can be arranged. Air Force budget cuts blamed.

2 comments to Video: WW II Ace Denied Burial Ceremony For 8 Months

  • danstewart

    Male bovine excrement !! odumbo would not authorize it, budget cuts my azz. We conservative Americans really have our jobs cut out for us. There are so many crappy people in dc, it will take years to haul them all out to the garbage dump.

  • Nellie

    In lieu of bashing Obama and his unspeakable cut to the military….I wish to send best wishes to this family. Be proud of your son, husband, father or grandfather. He is the type of American that deserves the honors he finally did receive. My friend is a retired full bird colonel of the Air Force will some day be buried in Arlington. Right now his wife – my dearest friend – is buried there. It is beyond emotional and you swell with pride when you look down and see the name of someone you loved. God bless this family and hold your heads up with much pride.