How To Achieve World Peace

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During the Christmas season, people think about world peace.  We hear about it in Christmas carols.  Angels proclaimed it to shepherds in the fields when they announced the birth of Christ.  A couple generations later, hundreds of thousands of crosses were erected to hang those who revolted against Roman rule.  Some of the victims may have been those same shepherds.  But is it possible to achieve world peace now?


Changes need to be made in order for people to achieve world peace.  Barring a worldwide conversion to Christianity, people will have to stop hating one another. Peace is not the absence of war. It is the absence of the conditions for war.  I heard on the news recently that the man who invented the AK-47 just died.  He was asked if he could sleep at night knowing his weapon has killed millions of people.  He told people that the politicians were responsible for the weapon being used.  He is partly right.  Totalitarian leaders have armed their soldiers with AK-47s.  I remember when I was at the border of Israel and Egypt in 1983, seeing a man praying on a rug during the afternoon prayer session with his AK-47 beside him.  Ironically, Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace.  But in this region, Allah must be a big supporter of the weapon.

Jesus told His people to love one another and to treat those who hate them decently.  Yet He was hanged on the cross by the Romans who were coerced by the Pharisees to eliminate someone they viewed as a threat to peace in the region.  But on Easter, He arose from the dead to show He had power over death.  Those who accept Him as their Savior and give their hearts to God have eternal life and will live forever in peace with Jesus.  If people were willing to murder the Son of God, it should be no big deal to kill those trying to bring peace.  But if everyone loved one another, as Jesus requires Christians to do, there would be no war.

Human nature must be subjugated to honoring God.  One trait that we share with Satan is pride.  His pride caused him to want to have his throne above that of God.  He was jealous of man because in the future, humans will judge angels; and only humans can be called children of God.  He may have thought that causing Adam and Eve to fall would make God reject mankind.  Instead, it was God’s plan so that He could send Jesus to earth to save mankind from the penalty of sin in Hell.  Pride causes dictators to believe they are loved by their people when they are feared.  Pride makes people think they are better than others when they aren’t and blinds people to the fact that they need to honor God and not themselves.  Pride allows Obama to think he is doing a fine job as President, when in reality he is a failure because enough people feed into his pride by praising him.

Disarming the world will not bring world peace.  I know the Bible says that people will beat their swords into plowshares and learn war no more.  But in another portion of Scripture, the people are told to beat their plowshares into spears and swords.  When Christ returns to earth at the Battle of Armageddon, he will destroy the forces of the Antichrist.  This will happen after a 13-month war in Asia in which a third of the world’s population will be destroyed.  If there were no tanks and missiles and other major weapons, people would use stones and clubs and blades to kill others.  Spring steel and steel cable can make a powerful bow as long as you are strong enough to draw back the cable to fire an arrow.

The death penalty will always exist until Christ brings peace to the world and establishes His 1,000-year kingdom.  Has any state or nation that has abolished the government-imposed death penalty experienced the abolition of murder (which I call the death penalty for the innocent)?  I call abortion pre-natal extermination. And I consider murderers Godplayers because they decide, like God, who should live or die.  People march in support of Godplaying, which is called by many names.

Education is a start toward world peace as long as students are taught how to achieve it.  If an education of hate is more important than an education of knowledge and understanding, expect the students to do as they are taught.  And don’t think that tolerance must always be exhibited.  Tolerance for Islamic terrorists in our country killed over 3,000 people on 9/11.  Tolerance for immorality and freedom to do anything you want to do has killed millions around the world, who in essence killed themselves by tolerating the wrong things.  Our public school system has basically excluded God from the classrooms and allowed servants of Satan to have the freedom to indoctrinate the students.  Do you think that the school shootings like the one in Connecticut over a year ago would have happened if the Godplayer had been watching Christian programs on TV instead of violent video games that inspired him to kill?

According to the Bible, Jesus will bring world peace that will last 1,000 years after the Great Tribulation.  Satan will be bound in the bottomless pit during that time so he won’t cause trouble.  But he will be released for a short while afterwards to lead people to try and overthrow Christ.  Only God can bring peace to the world.  If man could bring world peace, then babies could understand quantum mechanics.  Man  is his own worst enemy.  God created man and only He can create world peace.


Photo Credit: knowhimonline (Creative Commons)

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