Video: Obama’s Top 10 Constitutional Violations Of 2013

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3 comments to Video: Obama’s Top 10 Constitutional Violations Of 2013

  • wildbill446

    Oh, Obama wouldn’t do that, according to all the Liberals they think he’s the greatest thing since toilet paper.

  • Carolyne

    This man is absolutely lawless. Why doesn’t someone stand up and say, “The emperor has no clothes.” IMO He’s a usurper, born in Kenya and a Muslim to boot. Why are the Republicans afraid of him. Maybe if Boehner spent more time at the work he was elected to do and less time in a tanning bed, we might see some action.

  • Elaine

    He funded Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda attacked our embassy in Benghazi. HE then abandoned them all. Yes, we know that it was Hillary’s job….however, Obama had the power to intervene and DID NOT. After all, he IS the POTUS.
    He has also given $$ to the enemies of the U.S. besides Al-Qaeda.
    He has now written TWO different NDAA rules. The first chills the Country…we are becoming close to Hitler’s Germany!

    He HAS been ruling as a dictator and NOT a President!