A Warning To Boehner Regarding Amnesty

US President Barack Obama (R) and Republ

Listening to John Boehner and Paul Ryan, the leaders of the Republican’s headlong dash to grant millions of illegal aliens amnesty, leads to the inescapable conclusion that either they are stupid, or they believe we are stupid.

They talk to us as if we are children. They  insist that the provisions of their “tough new laws” on immigration will insure that illegal aliens who want to become legal American citizens  must learn English, pay a fine, go to the end of the line (whatever “end of the line” means), and be barred from voting for ten years. They also promise that our borders will be shut down, and no new illegal aliens will be able to sneak under our fences. They know this will happen because they will extract a promise from Barack Obama, a proved serial liar, that this will happen.

In 2012, when the retention of illegal aliens in our country was only a “good thing” for Democrats and not the desperately important foundation for their plans to hold on to power, Barack Obama oversaw the deportation of just .2% of the estimated 11.7 million illegal aliens using up our vital resources.

Now that it has become clear that the Democrats are facing an Election Day bloodbath because of Obamacare, keeping these people here so they can become reliable Democrat voters is the only chance they have to continue ruling us. Curiously, neither Boehner nor Ryan seems to understand this reality.

Just 133,551 illegal aliens were arrested and deported once they had escaped the border areas where they snuck in to our country. Nevertheless, the closer one looks at this number, the faster it falls. More than 8 in 10 of Obama’s guests who were deported were kicked out because they were apprehended committing a crime. They were drunk drivers, robbers, rapists, drug users, and drug dealers.  In reality, only about 20,000 illegal aliens of the 11.7 million, parked here for future use by the Democrats, were deported for being here illegally.

The next time the House Republicans talk about exacting a promise from Obama to close the borders, keep these numbers in mind.

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