Far-Left Rep. Wants To Ban The Word “Welfare”


With a record number of entitlement recipients depending on a shrinking supply of taxpayers, it is no surprise the welfare system is increasingly unpopular among hardworking Americans responsible for funding it. As a result, leftist supporters of government handouts are beginning to advocate renaming, not reforming, the cumbersome system.

Much as with the Obama administration’s objection to the term ‘ObamaCare’ after the laws botched implementation, Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee proposed dropping the word ‘welfare’ from the government’s vocabulary.

“Maybe the word welfare should be changed to something of ‘a transitional living fund,’” the outspoken Democrat said Wednesday. “For that is what it is – for people to be able to live.”

She declared that the federal “safety net has to be something for all of us,” disregarding the fact that a growing percentage of individuals are completely reliant on this “safety net” for their very survival. In turn, these people find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty that often lasts generations.

Furthermore, those who choose not to partake in the entitlement culture find it harder to succeed as more of their earnings are confiscated to pay for welfare expenditures or, as Lee might prefer, investments in the transitional living fund.

Of course, the word ‘transitional’ is somewhat misleading, considering the fact that leftist proponents of the welfare state actively encourage people to sign up for these so-called benefits.

Lee heralded “huge safety nets” such as tax credits and food stamps before pivoting to a call for increased unemployment insurance. Instead of supporting policies that would increase job opportunities, it is much easier for such ideologues to advocate throwing more tax money at the problem.

“Quite frankly,” she alleged, “of all the wealthy nations, we have the lowest safety net and the highest poverty, because we’re not willing to accept the fact that sometimes an American needs help.”

With reports showing that more Americans are on welfare than are working full-time jobs, Lee’s argument falls flat. Her comments likely resonated, though, among the leftist faithful who see America as intrinsically uncaring despite all evidence to the contrary.

–B. Christopher Agee

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2 comments to Far-Left Rep. Wants To Ban The Word “Welfare”

  • stevor

    “welfare”, “terrorist”, yeah all the same and in need of being banned (along with “transparency”, I presume

  • ItsJo

    CALLING SOMETHING BY ‘ANOTHER NAME, IS JUST LIKE TRYING TO CON SOMEONE TO THINK IT’S SOMETHING ELSE’. This woman is what “affirmative action’ is all about….Nothing Good can come of just PLACING a person in office because of color, and NO BRAINS. Does she really think, playing Santa Claus, as Obama does to secure ‘votes from the takers’, is not going to be noticed?” How Dumb.