Homosexual Lobby On The Attack Again

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Having suffered a major setback when Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” got his job back, the gay lobby is now going for a softer target—a pro-family activist in Ohio whose book, Maybe He’s Not Gay, undercuts their recruitment efforts among kids.

Author Linda Harvey, who runs a pro-family ministry called Mission America, seems to have emerged as more of a target than Phil Robertson.

Robertson was suspended—then reinstated—from the show after making comments critical of homosexuality, some of them based on biology and the facts of life, and others on Bible passages.

The Maybe He’s Not Gay book “seeks to tell kids the truth about homosexual behavior,” Harvey says. It explains in a conversational tone why no one is born homosexual, the health risks associated with the lifestyle, and factors that may lead to same sex attractions.

Harvey asserts that the homosexual movement is revolutionary and designed to overturn traditional cultural values. “It’s a revolution, both inside the minds and hearts of today’s youth—and in our culture,” her book says.

In response, the pro-homosexual Huffington Post attacked the book as “potentially dangerous” because it suggests children don’t have to engage in dangerous homosexual conduct, and that parents can influence how their children turn out. The publication also claimed that Amazon had “pulled” the book in response to homosexual criticism.

But Harvey tells Accuracy in Media she asked the publisher to pull her book from Amazon because it “had attracted the usual ‘gay’ mob with ad hominem attacks and even numerous review[er]s that admitted they had not read the book.” She said, “They just wanted to attack the idea of a book for kids, and me personally.”

She adds, “So once the book has been out for a while, we may put it back up on Amazon and hope to get actual reviews of thoughtful people who have read the book.”

However, in the meantime, her book is available on her own website.

Last June, Harvey spoke at a press conference in front of the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the Human Rights Campaign, the leading gay rights lobby, to protest the organization’s inordinate influence on the public policy debate. “Their goal is nothing less than total suppression of all opposing viewpoints,” she said.

Her book argues, “At school, in the media, in books, kids are being urged to consider whether or not they are homosexual at younger and younger ages.”

She says the “You could grow up to be gay” message is being given to children even in elementary school, “creating a lot of emotional upheaval for many” and leading some to come to the false conclusion that they are homosexual.

It’s being done “to satisfy the goals of adults who want to change society through kids,” Harvey says. “Get people to accept homosexuality at a young age, and a small group of people can revolutionize the world. Trouble is, kids aren’t getting the whole story and the facts. In my opinion, they are being set up.”

The “revolutionary” aspect is apparent in that Harry Hay, a member of the Communist Party USA and supporter of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, founded the homosexual movement in the U.S.

“As a mother,” Harvey writes, “I especially want children to gain understanding about critical issues at the right time. To withhold information from young people, or worse, be intentionally deceptive, is a profound betrayal when adults ought to have the best interests of children at heart.”

In terms of those adults, the gay lobby, which is heavily funded by Hollywood and the media, reacted with dismay and outrage to Phil Robertson being reinstated on the “Duck Dynasty” show, which is carried by the A&E cable channel.

The reinstatement occurred because hundreds of thousands—perhaps millions—demanded it. Visitors to one site—www.mailtheduck.com —had a free, personalized, camouflage postcard with the message, “You Can’t Camouflage Anti-Christian Bigotry. Reinstate Phil!” sent to A&E.

Robertson’s company, Duck Commander, a maker of duck calls and other products, declared “Fan Appreciation Month” in response to the outpouring of support.


This commentary originally appeared at AIM.org and is reprinted here with permission. 

5 comments to Homosexual Lobby On The Attack Again

  • Elaine

    It doesn’t matter how much and for how long they push. They will NEVER receive the acceptance they want. They want everyone to agree that it is fine if they are gay.
    They want us to change our beliefs.
    That is NOT going to happen.

    They are not discriminated against with home buying; apartments, restaurants or stores. They can get loans for businesses, houses, cars and anything else they want.

    So? What is it they want? For everyone to make them feel better about who and what they are? THAT IS NOT GONG TO HAPPEN.

  • wildbill446

    I still can’t figure out what this “Gay” label is. I always thought the word “Gay” meant “Happy, Joyful” Does that mean they’re “happy sodomites?”

  • Elaine

    LOL…..noooo. They want US…you, me and everyone else to say, “go ahead and be gay….we love you!”
    Or something!!!
    For them to keep bitching like this?
    What they are wanting is to openly be gay in public (I guess?)…kissing, hugging, etc., which is disgusting.
    I don’t think it is appropriate for straight people to show a LOT of intimate attention to each other in public either.
    Do you know what it sounds like to me?
    They want everyone to APPROVE…that is not going to happen no matter how many laws they put in.

    • Guest

      LOL indeed, you terrified, stupid little bigots. Your APPROVAL is irrelevant, and gays don’t care how you feel about their equality in 2014 any more than blacks cared what bigots thought in 1964. You will lose because your irrational fears and sick prejudices don’t make law anymore. You don’t like it? That’s just too bad.

  • Elaine

    Obviously. they do or they wouldn’t keep harping about it.
    I don’t care. It is none of my business what they do. Go for it~
    Leave me out of it…go for it.