Neighbors Inconvenienced By Michelle’s Extended Vacation

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Apparently unsatisfied with wasting as much as $100,000 in taxpayer money to extend her Hawaiian trip without her family, Michelle Obama is reportedly uprooting the local community in the process.

After Barack and the kids left earlier this month, the White House explained Michelle stayed behind as a birthday present from her husband, albeit funded by his subjects. She has taken temporary residency at media mogul Oprah Winfrey’s sprawling vacation home in Maui, according to reports.

Neighbors and local shop owners say the surrounding neighborhood has been effectively closed to traffic.

The Obamas have routinely cordoned off entire streets in anticipation of a personal celebration; however, the current roadblocks are reportedly causing widespread and persistent inconveniences.

One business owner explained potential patrons were unable to reach the location due to a number of police checkpoints set up in the vicinity. Other shops have complained employees are arriving late – or not at all – because of the shutdown.

Furthermore, even those simply trying to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Hawaiian landscape are being thwarted by the intrusive security measures. In areas near Winfrey’s mansion, a number of recreational sites have reportedly been closed.

Perhaps it is not surprising that a woman who believes her perpetually vacationing lifestyle should be bankrolled by working citizens also feels her mere presence warrants the gridlock of an entire tourist destination. For those who call the island home, not to mention those who spent their hard-earned money to visit, her departure won’t come soon enough.

Sources indicate Winfrey has already had her share of run-ins with her neighbors, who have cited the disruption associated with previous stays. Inviting one of the only women whose arrival would cause even more nuisance than her own will likely only make Winfrey more unpopular among locals.

Incidents such as this illustrate the Obamas’ disdain for the American people they are ostensibly working to help. Shutting down a neighborhood for days on end is nothing compared to yet another “free” vacation.

–B. Christopher Agee

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