Those Racist Hypocrites

Melissa Harris-Perry

Ahh, the inhumanity!!

One has to wonder what credibility the left has anymore. They claim to be the party of tolerance, the big tent with room for everyone, the party without prejudice. Yet, step outside their boundaries and – BAM!! They let loose with a torrent of obscenities, derogatory names, and language containing imagery that is completely obscene by any standard.

The most recent example is the attack on Mitt Romney’s family for having the unmitigated gall to adopt a black child. Notice I referred to his family – not Mitt Romney. It was his son, Ben, and his wife who opened their family to take in a child who needed a family.

Melissa Harris-Perry and the other racist hypocrites at MSNBC showed their inhumanity at the situation the child was in to try and make a point about the Republican Party.

To quote Marc Lamont Hill –

“There is absolutely a line you shouldn’t cross. The line I think is you don’t make fun of people’s kids, you don’t make fun of people who are adopted, you don’t mock the vulnerable. They didn’t do any of those things.”

The child needed to be part of a family, and Ben Romney’s family adopted him. The utter nonsense that Mitt Romney is a public figure allows them to make such infantile statements should have been repudiated by all decent people in this country – especially those who claim they are beyond prejudice. (Mitt Romney may be a public figure; but Ben Romney, nor his wife, nor Kieran were.)

Their insincerity is appalling. When forced to apologize, Melissa Harris-Perry found it appropriate to do it on Twitter. She then decided that she would create a hashtag – #MHPapology – to ensure that everyone would be able to see her apology. Once again, reasonable, mature people – i.e. actual adults – should have called out her insincerity. Fortunately, there were many who did.

That is why she provided a “tearful” apology on air. She wanted people to see how sincere she was. Don’t believe her. She will, at the first possible chance, continue to make such lunatic statements to show her true racism, such as – “Obamacare” is racist. The only thing she was wrong about was that people would actually be outraged at her insanity.

The hypocrisy among the left is overwhelming! Everything is racist to them – including the English language. Tolerance and diversity are impermissible. They do not believe in it, nor will they allow anyone to disagree. You are to be punished through any means necessary.

Bottom line –

  • When you have to resort to calling someone a racist – you have lost the argument. (Even more so since liberals do not know what true racism is anymore.)
  • When you resort to calling someone a derogatory name, such as “homophobe” or “Islamophobe” – you have lost the argument. (When you ask someone what they think, they are entitled to tell you what they think. That is true diversity – acceptance of a difference of opinion.)
  • When you think people should be punished by any means necessary for what they believe in – you have lost the argument. (It is something I like to call the 1st Amendment.)

What liberals believe in is subjugation to their very whims and control of every aspect of an individual’s life. Just ask Michael Bloomberg, the San Francisco ban on pets you can own, as well as Obamacare that requires essential benefits such as single men paying for maternity coverage.

The real problem, which liberals will never admit, is that there is no aspect of liberalism that is not a contradiction.

Liberals cannot say they are for diversity (i.e. differences) without allowing people to have a difference of opinion. Liberals cannot support freedom of speech yet want to punish anyone who disagrees with them. Liberals cannot say they are for tolerance when they will ridicule and mock a white family for adopting a black child.

It is time for the reasonable people to repudiate liberalism for what it is – a pariah within American society.

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  • Elaine

    Racists…REAL RACISTS will gladly take the opportunity twist anything to fit into their agenda…WHICH IS “HATE.”