Video: Dead “Bridge-gate” Women Will Be Christie’s Willie Horton

A 91-year-old woman died last September when emergency crews were delayed because of the colossal traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge caused by some of Christie’s aides. Lawrence O’Donnell predicts that this woman will plague Christie’s presidential aspirations much like Willie Horton sunk Michael Dukakis back in 1988.

3 comments to Video: Dead “Bridge-gate” Women Will Be Christie’s Willie Horton

  • wildbill446

    This is wrong, the woman’s daughter said (I quote) “the bridge tie up had “nothing” to do with her mothers death” (unquote)

  • Carol

    That is apples and oranges how dare they equate this one lady dying in the manor she did and these people that were killed by this animal there is no way it is the situation.

    Even if he knew about this mess Christie didn’t set out to kill this woman and don’t forget she was ninety-one (91) and she more than likely had a heart condition before she even got in her car.

    Those Democrats are after him and they want him to fail no matter what it takes.

  • joesixpack31

    Christie has proven to be an A-HOLE on many other counts. Conservatives need a STATESMAN not an A-HOLE to run in 2016. Someone with an “iron” set.