Video: NY Group Wants Statue Of Satan Next To Ten Commandments

A satanic group unveiled designs Monday for a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan it wants to put at the Oklahoma state Capitol, where a Ten Commandments monument was placed in 2012.

5 comments to Video: NY Group Wants Statue Of Satan Next To Ten Commandments

  • stevor

    What? Kalifornia didn’t lead the way in this regard? Just wait and they’ll do something to “outdo” those COMMIES in New York.

  • wildbill446

    I don’t doubt that it won’t be stopped. Seeing what the New Yorkers do and vote for we’ll be seeing and hearing about next to the ten commandments. That’s Liberal’s for you.

  • Carol

    This is so completely insane I don’t have the proper words.

  • Elaine

    IF they really are Satanists (which I highly doubt)…they would have known that the Pentagram with the Goat is an ancient symbol. The Pentagram that symbolizes “MANKIND” has the head of the Pentagram at the top with the “arms” out to the side (like arms would be on a human being). The lower part of the Pentagram is to be the “legs.”

    The Goat? The Goat is the symbol for Capricorn (“THE GOAT”) AND IT MEANS that “Strict laws and strict rules” keep humanity on the right path.
    The SATANIC Pentagram is upside down with the Point (that symbolizes the head at the bottom vs. the top.
    This was done by amateurs just to make trouble.

  • Elaine

    These are the key words for Capricorn.ruled by the goat:
    Keywords: tenacious, conservative, resourceful, disciplined, wise, ambitious, prudent, constant…
    Comparison with its symbol, the Goat: Goats are “agile animals” and “surefooted”(1). They are “gregarious, except for old bucks, which tend to live by themselves” (2) . Goats are considered to be rather hardy animals. Capricorn is most often compared to the mountain goat. Capricorns are thought to be loners at heart, with introverted characters. Mountain goats find security in cliffs and heights–the highest Capricorn Glyph Symbol places that can be climbed. Slowly but surely, a goat climbs the mountain. And, Capricorns are thought to move through life, achieving success slowly but surely. A large measure of strength of character is also associated with Capricorn.

    The glyph for Capricorn is a little more intricate than most. The V is thought to depict the goat’s beard; and the tail is that of a fish (Capricorn, in ancient times, was associated with the sea-goat).

    BOTTOM LINE? They have caused problems due to toxic ignorance.