Video: The Dumbest New Ban in 2014

Every New Year brings a bevy of stupid new nanny state bans…

2 comments to Video: The Dumbest New Ban in 2014

  • Carol

    You know why couldn’t these people just tell people about dimmer switches we have one blub that has lasted over five (5) years and several others that are on dimmer switches that have lated approx three years and our average electric bill is 64.00.

    I think why the power bills have gone up is because of the computers and extra large TV’s people have and it has nothing to do with your light blubs.

    I am highly alergic to those new bulbs my eyes turn very red if I am around them to much that is why I have to wear special glasses that turn dark so my eyes will be protected by the poison that comes off of those blubs.

    Wait until skin cancer goes through the roof and they are blame the sun but it has nothing to do with sun but everything to do with those new blubs.