Video: Watch What Happens When She Takes Out The Bad Guy

A criminal would be stupid to take on this young lady. He won’t last long. Thank God we still live in a land where the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is protected.

4 comments to Video: Watch What Happens When She Takes Out The Bad Guy

  • wildbill446

    Now that’s my kind of girl. This should me you think twice before messing with her.

  • Carol

    It looks like fun but I can’t handle a gun nor will I ever handle one but all of them does take care of business.

  • Elaine

    44 Magnum? Isn’t that what Clint Eastwood used in his movie?

  • Elaine

    In 1992, I worked for the City of Dallas. It was dangerous. I had been threatened many times. My tires were cut twice. So, I had to park in a bad part of Downtown Dallas just to make sure that I didn’t lose anymore tires.
    It became so bad that my brother gave me a purse for Christmas with a secret compartment in the side of the purse that looked like a “seam”. I had my gun in there and on the way to the car when I got off work late, I’d stick my hand in the hidden compartment with my finger on the trigger. IF I was attacked, I could shoot straight through the purse.

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