Video: Arizona GOP Group Censures Senator John McCain

The Maricopa County Republican Party has voted overwhelmingly to censure Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

Members of the group feel the senator has failed to stand behind the Republican Party’s principles and crossed the aisle and voted with Democrats too many times. The vote was 1,150 for the censure and 351 against.

2 comments to Video: Arizona GOP Group Censures Senator John McCain

  • Elaine

    Unless a Censure has more teeth, it is NOT doing to do a thing. He will not change. There needs to be another measure in when a State’s Representative is going against the wishes of the majority of his voters.

  • Carolyne

    John McCain behaved honorably when he was a POW in North Vietnam, but he has gradually become incompetent to hold office, IMO. I think his experiences have incapacitated him to the extent that he no longer should be in public life. Many of his statements make no sense, i.e. the Jihadists against the Syrian government are freedom-loving non-terrorists. He said he knows this because he talked to them and they told him so. He is, quite frankly, an idiot.