Video: WATCH Cops Harass Man Just For Carrying A Gun

Watch a peaceful open-carry gun advocate’s confrontation with Grand Rapids, MI Police that sparked a lawsuit

3 comments to Video: WATCH Cops Harass Man Just For Carrying A Gun

  • Elaine

    I do hope that man files a formal complaint with his Captain. This is uncalled for.

  • gouchr

    This is the reason that I still call them “PIGS”!!

  • Elaine

    Totally understand!
    I live on the borderline of two different cities in Texas.
    IF I turn right, I am a town that has great cops. Even when you are getting a ticket, they are so polite it is pitiful LOL.
    However, if I turn left, I am in a different city limit, and the cops are total A-Holes. They will actually lie through their teeth if you go to court to fight the ticket. At one point, they told me they had a “video” of me running through a stop sign. I was looking forward o going to court KNOWING I did NOT run a stop sign. It was my intention to have the judge see the video (they SAID they had.

    Instead, I was instructed to go into a room and the prosecutor met me there. She was about 6 inches from my nose as she showed me a “STILL SHOT IN A PHOTOGRAPH” AFTER I had already pulled up and pulled over to speak with the cop.

    Some cops have VERY REAL bad attitudes toward citizens they are sworn to protect.

    I paid the ticket. I wrote to the Captain of the Police force and the Mayor. I never heard back from them BUT! We all need to take it that far so that it will show a pattern of hostility towards law abiding citizens.