Video: Benghazi Transcripts: Terror Attack NOT A Protest

Documents have been revealed that indicate what Obama knew and when he knew it. And why the U.S. did not get help there in time. Col. George Bristol said, “No one from the military was ever advising that this was a demonstration gone out of control.”

2 comments to Video: Benghazi Transcripts: Terror Attack NOT A Protest

  • ItsJo

    Proves what MANY have Already said, that “Obama was behind the LIES, along
    with Hillary(the Butcher of Benghazi) and the REST of this crooked regime,
    who went before the American people, and LIED, about some phony excuse of a Youtube Video, and they KEPT using Obama’s ‘talking points’ to LIE to the American people. The LIARS would be – Rice, Panetta, Biden, Holder, etal. who lied to protect Obama, and so it wouldn’t interfere with his campaigning.

  • wildbill446

    We all knew what it was and it didn’t take any brain storming to figure to out. But you see Obama does not like the military and to him “Life is cheap” He had something more “important” like his reelection campaign and his “Fund raising party” in Las Vegas, he just couldn’t care any less who died or was hurt.