Leftist Stars Unite To Shill For ObamaCare

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It is obvious to all but the willfully ignorant that ObamaCare has devolved into a boondoggle of epic proportions. The vast majority of enrollees are receiving subsidies from the government; and most of the sign-ups touted by the White House are actually Medicaid patients, not purchasers of a traditional healthcare plan.

Furthermore, the administration is counting on a large influx of young adults into the system to offset the cost of care for the elderly. This has not been the case so far and, with enrollment deadlines looming, Obama is calling on his allies in the entertainment industry to come to his aid.

According to a recent Variety article, a number of celebrities have already agreed to take part in a six-hour live event Thursday designed to reach the target demographic. Described as a mixture of comedy and education, stars including Lady Gaga and Jason Mraz have been using their social media presence to spread the word.

The program, titled “Tell a Friend – Get Covered,” will be streamed online; and sites popular among young adults are being co-opted to advertise it.

An idea spearheaded by Covered California and other struggling state exchanges, a number of left-leaning new media operations are lending their support. In addition to YouTube studios, other generationally popular production companies, including Funny or Die and Maker Studios, are on board to present the pro-ObamaCare propaganda.

Actors and musicians are willing to trade what is left of their credibility to spread talking points about the disastrous healthcare law. These individuals rely on the support of the American public for their livelihood; however, they are dismissing the genuine concerns millions have about the implementation of ObamaCare.

It is doubtful that any of these Hollywood elitists are receiving cancellation notices from their insurance providers. It is even more unlikely they are facing the unenviable choice between purchasing a bloated, overpriced insurance plan and providing food and shelter for their families.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  • wildbill446

    This will be a farce, only the weak minded will fall for it. That was mentioned in “star Wars”. Obi Wan showed how.