How Living Under Democrat/Socialist Rule Can Destroy Your Life

Photo credit: photologue_np (Creative Commons)

To celebrate the New Year, a Californian who describes himself as a libertarian moved out of the state. In his frustration, he has posted a list of just some of the ridiculous regulations he has suffered under at the hands of liberals who have been given unlimited power over the lives of everyday Americans.

These are some of the regulatory nightmares he had to undergo.

In order to merely remove a wooden deck that was condemned by Ventura County inspectors, he had to pay for and secure SEVEN separate permits. In order to place a small concession trailer in his own parking lot (he owned a camp site rental business), he had to PROVIDE A SOIL SAMPLE from the dirt UNDER the asphalt of the parking lot! Because of imperial edicts from power hungry liberals, it took him THREE years to get the permit to place a 500 gallon fuel tank on his own property.  These and other regulations have caused him to give up any thoughts of doing the necessary repairs he knows his property needs to keep it worthy of his customers’ trust and needs.  The costs of permits alone are prohibitive.

The State of California required him to pay almost 7% of his payroll to cover unemployment insurance for summer employees who don’t work all winter and are supported by unemployment insurance payments he funds.

While these people are supposed to be searching for work, the State of California does nothing to insure that they are. Moreover, many spend the winter in Mexico living on their payments. Consequently, he pays for their winter vacation each year while he worries about how to make ends meet.

Looming in his future and that of every other small business owner is the black cloud of huge Obamacare payments and ever increasing minimum wage requirements. He adds a cautionary note that laws like California’s Proposition 13 that force low property taxes on local governments can and will be circumvented by a torrent of regulations that squeeze money out of people.

Curtailing taxes are only half the job. As we see in Obama’s EPA, regulatory agencies can and will kill economies.


Photo credit: photologue_np (Creative Commons)

2 comments to How Living Under Democrat/Socialist Rule Can Destroy Your Life

  • wildbill446

    There is your proof that the Socialist /Liberals/Democrats want to turn the State of California into another “Socialist/Liberal/Democratic” success story just like Detroit and Chicago. With lawlessness, empty and abandoned house and buildings. Openly sales of drugs and prostitution, rampant robbery.
    Then it will be so lovely and “idealist Democratic Success story” This should make you feel proud to live here.

  • ItsJo

    Living in Ca. our once beautiful state, has become a nightmare, as WE are held Hostage by the “DemoThugs that have turned Ca. into their ideal of a Commie/Progressive State.” With the likes of Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer, and the rest of these Elite Progressives, they ONLY look out for their connections to make Millions of dollars, and spending OUR Tax Dollars as IF, it were there own- Pelosi comes to mind, using a Very Large Plane each week, to return to S.F., with Her family/friends and running up alcohol bills into the thousands(ALL ON THE TAXPAYERs) “They have held us hostage in this state for FAR TOO LONG, and should ALL BE REMOVED, BUT IT IS THEIR WISH, TO GET THE ILLEGALS TO VOTE FOR THEM,(FOR ALL THE FREEBIES)
    AND THUS, THEY WILL STAY IN POWER. THESE Progressive/Socialists/Commies
    Need to be voted OUT, by those who STILL care about our state and LAWS that should be enforced AGAINST Illegal Alien Invasions-