Video: Obama’s Plan For U.S. Troops To Fight Alongside Al-Qaeda

A report released on January 14, 2014 by a team of MIT scientists declares that Obama’s “incontrovertible evidence” that Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad was behind the August 21, 2013 chemical weapons attack was a complete fabrication

That the rocket must have come from areas controlled by Obama’s “freedom fighters,” meaning al-Qaeda.

And Obama knew this according to high-level sources in the Pentagon.

But it gets worse.

Obama’s planned two to three day “surgical strike” on Syria—before the American people put a stop to his proposed illegal war—was also a lie.

Obama, according to these same sources in the Pentagon, had been planning a full scale invasion of Syria, lasting months if not years, that would have involved a staggering 70,000 U.S. troops!

Yes, Obama was planning for U.S. troops to fight alongside al-Qaeda!

That’s called aiding and abetting the enemy.


And treason calls for impeachment, arrest, and imprisonment.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video for all the details.


3 comments to Video: Obama’s Plan For U.S. Troops To Fight Alongside Al-Qaeda

  • Guest

    LOL…well. Krissypoo, this makes about five dozen times you’ve called for “impeachment, arrest, and imprisonment.”

    How come it never happens, you little POS?

  • wildbill446

    Well for one “Dick head (Guest) his butt kissing buddy Eric Holder holds the keys to Law enforcement. Congress cannot control or order him to enforce any actions against the jerk in office.

  • Elaine

    He provided the weapons to Al-Qaeda.
    Al-Qaeda raped and murdered Our Ambassador in Benghazi.
    Now he wants OUR troops to work with them?!

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