Media Rush To Defend Wendy Davis’ Lies

Photo Credit: Kevin Sutherland via Wikipedia (Creative Commons)

Since her filibuster last year in support of unrestricted abortion rights, Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis has been a hero among leftists – and, naturally, a media darling to boot.

When reports surfaced this week regarding numerous lies she has told about her past, though, it seemed her fledgling plan to seek higher office might have been derailed. Democrats have tried for months to position Davis as a feasible gubernatorial candidate; however, her credibility sustained a huge blow when her lies, which primarily concerned her previous marriages, were exposed.

The mainstream media has been dutifully cleaning up her mess in subsequent days, with many outlets actually demonizing those who believe Davis should have told the truth.

According to the unabashedly far-left site, any criticism of Davis is proof of prevailing sexism.

In a shameful critique of the developing controversy, an article on the site claims media sources “have played up her marital and familial problems to poke holes in this story.” In reality, though, Davis made patently false statements about specific events in her life; and thankfully, at least a few news outlets chose to expose her deception.

The site goes on to contend that such “personal details would be hardly a blip on a male candidate’s record,” effectively castigating all of Davis’ detractors as misogynists.

While one might expect such a sycophantic defense from a site like Think Progress, mainstream news sources are doing their part to downplay Davis’ lies, too.

In an ABC News report, one need not read past a headline that declares Davis “may have misstated details” about her past. The lies she told have been unequivocally exposed; however, her supporters in the media continue to suggest it was all a big misunderstanding.

The report continued by including Davis’ accusation that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was behind “campaign attacks on the personal story of my life as a single mother who worked hard to get ahead.”

Cable network MSNBC naturally joined in the pro-Davis rhetoric, allowing Democrat strategist Jason Stanford to suggest Davis’ ex-husband was actually the villain for exposing her lies.

“God forbid any of us have our life story subject to our exes having veto power,” he said. Disregarding the fact that Davis left her second husband the day after he finished funding her law school education, Stanford contended that bringing up any such accusations is “really demeaning to women.”

So many leftists have expressed their undying loyalty to Davis that it would be nearly impossible for them to turn away from her now. Instead, they resort to the all-too-common tactic of blaming anyone and everyone except the true culprit.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Kevin Sutherland via Wikipedia (Creative Commons)

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