Video: Obama Just Surrendered The US To Al Qaeda…

Just because Obama wears the suit and sits in the Oval office doesn’t make him a President.

2 comments to Video: Obama Just Surrendered The US To Al Qaeda…

  • Carolyne

    Of course Obama wants to minimize Al Qaida. If he admitted the truth, that Al Qaida is stronger than ever, he would be admitting that his entire foreign policy is wrong. He has, in fact, supported the Muslim Brotherhood in the middle east and when Egypt unseated the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama cut off aid. He facilitated the takeover of several countries by Muslim Brotherhood, ergo Al Qaida, affiliated groups. Obama has made several statements in addition to his actions which make me think he is actually a Muslim. Such as, at the UN, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” While campaigning, “The sweetest sound on earth is the sound of the evening call to prayer.” In Egypt he said that in any disagreement between Islam and the West, he would take the side of Islam. What more do we need to realize this man is not working for our best interests?

  • Elaine

    A few days ago, an article came out that OUR Military is now working WITH Al Qaeda.