Website Exposes GOP Senator’s Love Of ObamaCare

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Despite a largely conservative voting record, Texas Sen. John Cornyn has often faced attacks by those on the right. As he now prepares for a primary battle against Rep. Steve Stockman in coming months, Cornyn has been touting his record as one that will compare favorably against his opponent’s proven conservative leadership.

While he certainly has his supporters in the Lone Star State and beyond, a new website promises to expose Cornyn’s deep-seated infatuation with ObamaCare. Obviously, any show of support for the unpopular law would prove to be a significant hurdle as November elections approach.

The site, Cornyn Loves ObamaCare, chronicles the senator’s response to a number of developments during the healthcare law’s implementation. Each entry sheds light on the apparent eagerness he had at the time to see it succeed.

According to the timeline, which dates back as far as 2009, Cornyn has repeatedly supported efforts to rush a vote on ObamaCare when it was still a bill. He routinely disparaged other legislators’ plans to halt its advancement, whether by attacking plans by principled conservatives like then-Sen. Jim DeMint or abandoning fellow Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as he spoke out against ObamaCare last year.

Cruz’s efforts were a major factor in a subsequent federal government shutdown and corresponding national debate over the behemoth healthcare law. Though millions of conservatives expressed solidarity with Cruz, Cornyn was decisively opposed to any attempt to stop ObamaCare.

His spokesperson, Megan Mitchell, said at the time that Cornyn “will not block a bill that defunds Obamacare. He will support the House-passed bill.”

Though he expressed a desire to see the shutdown come to an end, the website notes Cornyn was “a no-show” at a protest of the Obama administration’s overtly partisan policy of erecting barricades around prominent war memorials and other outdoor monuments.

Instead, the site alleges, Cornyn was far more interested in currying favor among Democrat leaders – especially Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. As he prepares for what promises to be a contentious election cycle, however, the senator seems to be embracing his conservative values – at least with his rhetoric.

In reality, the site suggests, Cornyn’s relationship with ObamaCare is best summed up in the Atlantic Starr song, “Secret Lovers.”

For more details surrounding his ongoing love affair with the law, or to submit your own “Dear John” letter to let him know how you feel about it, visit

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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