Black Students Hold College Hostage, Issue Absurd Demands

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There are few places within America in which political correctness is found in more abundant supply than on the average university campus. Among the most radicalized students within those institutions, however, no amount of social experimentation and guilt-based capitulation will ever be sufficient.

Such was the case among members of University of Michigan’s Black Student Union. Inspired by a campus speech from leftist icon Harry Belafonte, the group responded with a list of seven outrageous concessions it is demanding the school implement within a week.

Earlier this week, several members addressed a crowd, asserting they favor “physical action” if their demands are not met by the imposed deadline. Harkening back to the acts of militant radicals of the 1960s and 70s, these students are openly blackmailing their own school and acting as though they remain second-class citizens.

Included in their list of demands is an increase in the group’s budget, “emergency scholarships” specifically for black students, and the implementation of even more propaganda regarding the “historical treatment and marginalization of colored groups through race and ethnicity requirements.”

Sadly, the mainstream media, race-baiting leftists like Al Sharpton, and even the current administration have conspired to convince blacks – and other U.S. minorities – that they are perpetual victims and should demand reparations from the oppressive majority. In reality, groups such as the BSU are nothing more than bullies who resort to threats and intimidation to get what they want.

The students want to impose a quota for black students at the university, apparently believing that any school without a minority population that exactly matches the racial breakdown of society as a whole is inherently discriminatory. Meanwhile, there are no such protests within schools that have historically attracted a disproportionately high percentage of blacks.

Such intellectually dishonest demands have nothing to do with ending racial inequality. That problem was addressed decades ago and has since been used as an excuse to implement policies (like affirmative action) that actually punish whites based on their skin color. The true intention behind this and other protests is to perpetuate the myth that blacks are, and will forever be, the victims of an oppressive nation.

Belafonte’s message, which reportedly incited the protest, included his belief that American prisons are similar to the racist lynch mobs of the Ku Klux Klan.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: jimmywayne (Creative Commons)

4 comments to Black Students Hold College Hostage, Issue Absurd Demands

  • Elaine

    Obviously, they know they can’t compete with white students BECAUSE THEY DO NOT TAKE THE TIME TO STUDY.

    As a single mother, I went back to school so we could have a better life. I didn’t have a lot of $$, so I was thumbing through this very large list of “grants, etc.” for single mothers. Guess what! THERE WERE NONE. However! There were Many, MANY grants and scholarships for Black students.

  • Elaine

    In graduate School at Texas A&M. M.S. in Counseling:
    ​​During the very first test during the very first Semester, I noticed that all of them were sitting at the back of the room with their books open during a test asking each other “what page was that answer on?” They didn’t care we could hear them. They “were allowed to openly cheat”.

    Then, of course, there was Advanced Psychology. AGAIN, they had their books out in plain sight; and no one said a word.

  • wildbill446

    Yes Elaine, I saw that too where I went to school in California. Even if they got a low score on a test they some how passed.

    • Elaine

      We did NOT do them any favors when we gave in during the years of Affirmative Action. That sent the message, you don’t have to “reach” to learn. You don’t have to fit in with all of us. It is deeply sad…not just for them but for the entire country.