The “Skewing” of Obamacare Numbers

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The right’s “narrative skewing”: How it dupes itself over Obamacare, Benghazi and Christie

I would find this title hilarious if the writer was not completely serious. The “skewing” of the facts is coming from the Obama Administration itself.

There are a number of articles, such as this one, touting increased enrollment numbers of people who have signed up for Obamacare. However, if you actually believe millions of people have are paying exorbitant amounts of money for health insurance, you have NOT been paying attention.

The numbers being reported by the states that are running their own exchange are combined totals of people who have purchased insurance as well those who have been enrolled in Medicaid.

One might ask – Why is this important?

Those who have been enrolled in the newly expanded version of Medicaid do not have to pay for their health coverage. Obamacare requires all exchanges to determine if someone is eligible for Medicaid.

For Obamacare to work, Obama and liberals in Congress need people to purchase insurance – not pay the fine and not enroll in Medicaid – to be financially sustainable.  So, the numbers of people who have actually purchased insurance will tell whether or not Obamacare is actually going to be self-sustaining.

Let’s dive into the state numbers.

Fourteen states and the District of Columbia have established their own exchanges.

  • California – 156,000 have enrolled in the state exchange (47 percent), while 179,000 have enrolled in Medi-Cal (53 percent) – their state Medicaid program. (The L.A. Times is also reporting that there are considerable limitations in the new healthcare exchanges that people will have to endure.)
  • Colorado – They need to have 136,300 people purchase insurance in 2014 for the healthcare exchange to be self-sustaining.  They had signed up only 52,000 (37 percent). Meanwhile, over 86,000 (63 percent) had enrolled in the state Medicaid program.
  • Connecticut – 34,295 (55 percent) signed up, while 27,858 (45 percent) enrolled in Medicaid. One would assume this was a success story–but Connecticut is going to charge all insurers regardless of participation to ensure financial sustainability. So, everyone in Connecticut pays for it whether or not they are even in the healthcare exchange.
  • District of Columbia – 3,600 people (43 percent) have enrolled in the exchange, while 4,700 people (57 percent) have enrolled in Medicaid.  Just like Connecticut, D.C. does not identify a minimal number of people needed; but they state that they will go after any potential revenue source (including sodas – shout out to Michael Bloomberg) as shown here. (In other words, everyone will pay for healthcare in D.C., whether or not they have joined the exchange. The great part is they are even considering a tax on Medicaid.
  • Hawaii – They are reporting that a grand total of 2,015 people have enrolled in the healthcare exchange. I would list the number for Medicaid enrollments, but their system does not even “talk” to their Medicaid system – so poor people still do not have insurance.
  • Idaho – 19,922 people have enrolled, but 31 percent of that total is over 55. Remember, young people (under 34) have to match the number of old people for it to work. They only have 24 percent. So, an initial projection would be that it is going to lose money. Idaho is also NOT expanding Medicaid coverage – so the poor people are screwed again. They are also already talking about increasing the cost to the people.
  • Kentucky – The official site does not give you numbers at this point. So, the last reported numbers were 24,683 (25 percent) in the exchange and 72,285 (75 percent) in Medicaid, out of the estimated 640,000 who did not have insurance. This state was supposed to be the Obamacare poster child for success, and they have a 3 to 1 ratio of people getting free healthcare insurance.
  • Maryland – They are expecting 150,000 people to enroll in the first year (even though they claim as many as 162,000 now have coverage). 20,358 (18 percent) people have enrolled in the exchange, with 91,570 (82 percent) automatically enrolled in Medicaid.
  • Massachusetts – 497 people have insurance, while 1,388 are on Medicaid. The state is also picking up the tab for an additional 22,000 people. This state is too pathetic to even provide percentages.
  • Minnesota – Of the 67,805 people, 38 percent have enrolled in the exchange, while the remaining 62 percent are now on Medicaid.
  • Nevada – With a goal of 118,000, only 12,745 have enrolled; and half have not paid.
  • New Mexico – With a goal of 83,000, only 7,688 have enrolled. 18 percent are under 34, while 38 percent are over 55. Not a good sign. (FYI – 38 navigators are in the FBI database.)
  • New York – The interesting line here is that they expect 1.6 million people to still be uninsured by 2016. (This is good news??)
  • Oregon – 20,000 (36 percent) enrolled in the exchange, while 35,000 (64 percent) are on Medicaid.
  • Rhode Island – 11,770 (37 percent) enrolled in the exchange, while 19,941 (63 percent) are on Medicaid
  • Utah – Enrolled about 1,800 people (but I am looking for more current numbers) while telling their residents that is better.
  • Vermont – About 20,000 enrolled in the exchange, but the “fun” one is that it will be illegal not to have insurance through the state.
  • Washington – 71,000 (37 percent) enrolled in the exchange, while 121,000 (63 percent) are on Medicaid.

The ironic thing is that Maine, which has tried to provide healthcare to all of its residents in a variety of ways, has stopped trying. Why? Because they have already figured out that it is NOT sustainable.

A couple of questions –

  • The vast majority of people are enrolled in Medicaid. What happens when the state has to pay for their program without federal money, since the people do not have to pay for it?
  • Does anyone really think the federal government has enrolled over a million people for insurance? According to USA Today, most of the people enrolled are over 45.

So, who’s skewing the numbers?

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  • Carol

    Remember Obama is like a teenager everything that comes out his mouth is a lie.

    The only time he doesn’t lie is when he is sleeping by himself because his “wife” no longer in his bed.