Trayvon’s Mom: “Don’t Think For One Second Racial Profiling Doesn’t Happen”

Those are the words of Sybrina Fulton at a discussion at the University of Utah. 

Sybrina Fulton is Trayvon Martin’s mother, and as such seems to be now a bona fide expert on racial profiling.

I’m sorry; that was unfair and sarcastic.

Perhaps she is an expert on raising young black men to avoid conflicts.

In fact, she isn’t an expert on either.

It was her lack of supervision that put Trayvon Martin in Sanford to begin with. It is 250 miles from where Trayvon Martin went to school and where he encountered George Zimmerman; and had his mother been more attentive to the actions of her son, he might still be alive today.

I know that is not going to sit well with many people, but there are several facts this woman ignores as she goes around the lecture circuit telling everyone how her son died from racial profiling.

The most obvious fact is that George Zimmerman is a liberal who is himself part black and has done a number of things that prove he was not the racist Sybrina Fulton or the government would like to portray him as. For one, he was a mentor and a tutor to young black men and took his black sweetheart to the Prom in High School. 

Without that aspect of Racial Profiling, Sybrina Fulton’s gravy train ride comes to a very abrupt halt.

From the testimony in the trial, especially that of  Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin appears to be the aggressor, first attempting to first evade Zimmerman,  then by actually confronting him, and (by physical evidence of Zimmerman’s wounds) attacking Zimmerman (who, according Rachel Jeantel, was called a “creepy assed cracker”.)

Perhaps that is the Racial Profiling that Sybrina Fulton is such an expert on: how to spot white racists on dark rainy nights with your face covered by a hoodie.

Or rather, how to make a right wing white supremacist out of a man who was part black/half Hispanic and all liberal.

The other fact (and there always is yet another facet to these stories) is that Sybrina Fulton was out of Trayvon Martin’s life for almost 14 years and only got custody after his father divorced  Alicia Stanley, the woman who raised  him as a child for 14 years. It was only after moving in with his mother that Trayvon Martin’s life went sour. He was taken away from the woman who raised him and his siblings and given to a mother who was never a part of his life. He turned to drugs and stealing to escape the reality that his father had dumped him with a woman he didn’t know. It was that drug abuse and theft that got Trayvon kicked out of school, and he ran away from his mother in Miami to Sanford where his father lived.

Trayvon either fled Miami to be with his dad, or he fled Miami to escape the wrath of his mother. That he went to Sanford 250 miles away is an established fact, and he didn’t even try to clean up his act when he got there. What he got at the Convenience store was 2/3th of the ingredients for a potent and potentially deadly chemical cocktail called ”Purple Drank” or “Lean.”

So why even give this woman any notice?

For one, she is being used, or rather continually thrust upon us, as an expert in the field of racial profiling and gun crime.

Second, she is riding a gravy train on her own personal guilt trip for failing her son; and that affects the rest of us.

She is being used by this administration as a means to eliminate Florida’s Stand Your ground law, even though that issue was never brought up by either the prosecution or the defense in the Zimmerman case.

She continues to raise the ugly head of racism in a case where it clearly didn’t apply. And finally, she is attempting to profit from her son, when she wasn’t even the woman who raised him.

We cannot ignore what she is doing; but by examining the facts, her motives, and the reasons why she is wrong, we can prevent others from getting caught up in her spiel.

The bittersweet truth is that we owe both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman the truth.


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  • danstewart

    I agree there is racial profiling. If you’re a white male, you catch hell. If you’re a black or muslim, you get a pass.