Subway Lets Michelle Obama Decide Its Menu

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If there is one thing most leftists can agree on, it is that choice is a bad thing. It is much better, they contend, to let the federal government determine which car you should drive, what type of healthcare you may receive, and what foods are appropriate.

Michelle Obama has been deeply involved in that last category since her “Let’s Move” campaign began four years ago. She has successfully coerced numerous school districts to implement federal nutritional guidelines so restrictive that whatever meals result have little chance of actually being eaten by a student.

She has now teamed up with one of the largest chains in the world to bring that government interference into the private sector. A recently announced partnership between the first lady and Subway restaurants indicates the latter has promised $41 million to spread the nutrition gospel according to Michelle Obama.

The chain’s chief marketing officer portrayed the move as “a natural extension of what we do.”

It appears, however, to be merely a reflection of the disastrous policies Obama has already foisted upon the public school system. Kids’ meals will now follow the same basic guidelines that made school lunches even more undesirable than they were in generations past. These meals will forego chips and a soda for an apple and water, all while echoing the highly partisan rhetoric of the Obama administration.

While leftist nannies are celebrating the capitulation of a major restaurant chain, many who would prefer not to think about Michelle Obama as they unwrap their meatball sub are threatening to find another sandwich shop.




Of course, this isn’t the first time Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign has been able to hijack popular brands and characters for the cause. One of her speeches last year implored those in the private sector to submit to her will, which could have been a factor in Subway’s recent decision.

The White House chef who heads the campaign extolled the virtues of a restaurant bowing to the demands of the first lady.

Sam Kass said the chain is “raising the bar for what a responsible, quick-service restaurant can do to help support the health of the nation.”

In reality, Subway has always offered healthy choices – along with not-so-healthy ones. The mere presence of those options, however, is insufficient to government interventionists who despise the concept of free will.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: terrellaftermath

2 comments to Subway Lets Michelle Obama Decide Its Menu

  • Carolyne

    When did Michelle Antoinette receive a degree in nutrition? I thought she was a lawyer. I don’t think she has any business sticking her nose and her big butt in what Americans eat. Certainly not dictating school menues. I have read that children who are subjected to her will are hungry and that they throw most of these terrible lunches away and choose not to eat. Maybe she should look in a mirror at her enormous backside. It wouldn’t hurt her to miss a meal or two.

  • wildbill446

    This woman isn’t very smart for the education she has. Trying to force children to eat “Healthy”. For one, children don’t have the same taste buds as adults have. they won’t developed until they are adults. Remember when you were young you didn’t like spinach? now as an adult you will eat it and like it. But as all people in office or in a power mode it’s “Do as I say not as I do”