This GOP Leader Just Joined The Amnesty Bandwagon

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Despite the fact that a majority of Americans oppose rewarding those who live in constant violation of our immigration laws, leftists continue to push for legislation bestowing legal status on illegal immigrants.

As is too often the case, many Republicans are either unwilling to stand up to such demands or actually subscribe to the same belief. In a recent statement, U.S. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy indicated he belongs in the latter category.

The California representative, serving as the third-ranking Republican in the House, said he supports legalizing criminal inhabitants.

“The principles aren’t written yet,” he said of as-yet unreleased immigration proposals drafted by GOP leaders, “but in my personal belief, I think it’ll go with legal status that will allow you to work and pay taxes.”

These reform ideas are expected to be released by House Republicans within the next few days, prompting McCarthy to make a statement about their potential contents. While he stopped short of supporting a pathway to citizenship for the countless illegals currently living within our borders, he and other Republicans are merely playing into the Democrats’ hands by supporting legalization.

The vast majority of illegals are already living with little fear of arrest or deportation. The fact that both political parties are now in a race to legitimize them will only embolden existing illegals and encourage future lawbreakers.

The left’s end game, of course, involves creating a permanent Democrat voting base populated by poor, government-dependent immigrants. Each small victory the GOP hands them furthers their goal by damaging an already fragile republican system of government.

Conservative candidates must already be prepared to face voter fraud brought on by the left’s refusal to support voter ID laws. Adding tens of millions of newly legal immigrants will create even more confusion and chicanery.

The most upsetting aspect of the entire situation is the unequivocal willingness of numerous Republicans to placate a criminal population by ignoring existing laws.

–B. Christopher Agee

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4 comments to This GOP Leader Just Joined The Amnesty Bandwagon

  • Carolyne

    I do not think a lawbreaker should be rewarded for breaking the law. Illegal immigrants are just that—illegal. Any agreement should require that they return to Mexico or wherever they came from for at least two years and then apply for legal status. To allow them to just walk across the border is not fair to those who have applied to enter the country legally.

  • wildbill446

    One of the things that puzzles me is, I thought all politicians were educated? Now it seems they must have been playing hookey the day the word “Illegal” was taught and explained the meaning or they are just that stupid and we elected them. Boy were we fooled!
    One thing else, have you ever seen how the “Illegals” line up in a line? Take it from me, they don’t comprehend nor know what “get in line and wait your turn means”. They just barge in push and shove, I know I’ve seen them in action.

  • azjen

    Illegal aliens are criminals b/c they are in this country illegally.They do not want to follow the rules that other people have had to follow in order to get into this country. Instead they want what they want now & have little thought of following the rules that others have had to follow. They should have to follow the rules just like anyone else who wants to become an American citizen; however, they want to skip the important steps. They want all the benefits & forget what it takes to be an American citizen. I cherish my citizenship…but I have found few illegal aliens who even take this into consideration. If you ever have any contact with an illegal alien ask him/her if they would be willing to go through what it takes to become a citizen of this country. I can tell you right now that few really care about America. I’m sure there are some good illegal aliens & yet the majority I have found are more interested in what they can get than what they can give.

  • Jimmie

    Yes, they are illegal. I’m sorry to say I am against amnesty for several reasons but most of all because we have thousands and thousands of Muslims that Obama has brought over here (on our dollar) and they are on welfare. Let them go to work…. also – Our wonderful men and women will be coming home from service and they will need these jobs. Why pay the ones already here (citizens) welfare when they can go to work also?