Upset Hannity Plots Move, Possible Candidacy


New York has not been a particularly hospitable state for conservatives in many years. Despite the election of some moderate Republicans along the way, big government leftists have continued to make inroads toward the socialist utopia they have long envisioned.

The state’s unwelcoming attitude toward conservatives, however, reached a fever pitch recently when Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted they “have no place” in his state.

His declaration obviously upset countless traditional Americans, many of whom expressed a desire to relocate to a friendlier region of the nation. Among the most prominent voices in this group was national radio and television host Sean Hannity. He initially made a statement on his radio show announcing his intention to move. During a subsequent interview with fellow Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, he elaborated on those plans.

“As soon as I am able,” he said, “some time when my son graduates from high school, I’m getting out of here as quick as I can.”

Pressed by his fans for answers regarding his possible political aspirations upon relocating, Hannity addressed a frequently asked question during a segment of his own television program this week.

Declaring his disapproval of both political parties, Hannity confirmed he is considering running for elected office at some point in the future. His explanation also offered a hint concerning where he is likely to move after leaving New York.

He concluded his potential candidacy would take place in “either Texas or Florida.”

According to his statement, a Hannity campaign would address not only a “socialist” Democrat Party, but a “timid” GOP.

Hannity is not the first conservative radio host to leave the major media markets of New York behind. In fact, his two top alternatives – Texas and Florida – have each attracted fellow talkers in recent years.

Rush Limbaugh famously left the Empire State for sunny Florida several years ago, followed by the recent relocation of former New Yorker Glenn Beck to Texas.

With confiscatory taxes already causing record numbers of New York residents to leave, Cuomo’s foolhardy comments only make other areas of the country look more appealing than ever.

–B. Christopher Agee

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