Video: Michelle Obama: Hanoi Jane Is My Role Model

During an interview with People Magazine, Obama listed “Hanoi Jane” as one of the people she would like to look and live like when she’s “70 or 80″ years old.

3 comments to Video: Michelle Obama: Hanoi Jane Is My Role Model

  • wildbill446

    Hang on Michele, you may get your wish. Barrack will make sure you have some skeletons in your closet. When all that he has done is exposed.

  • Carolyne

    Michelle Obama is an idiot. She said during the campaign that that was the first time she had been proud of her country. I guess she feels as Jane Fonda does, that our soldiers are murderers. I am so tired of her. She thinks she has some sort of mandate to dictate what Americans eat. I wonder if she ever looked in the mirror at her enormous butt.

  • ItsJo

    Of Course, Hanoi Jane is Michelle O’s hero- they are BOTH RADICALS, aka-
    straight out of “Rules For Radicals” that her husband? Obama taught to Acorn Thugs. Michelle wrote her thesis on Very Radical Issues, and she was Very prejudiced Against Whites. Like Hanoi Jane, people will NEVER forget the past. Hanoi Jane caused MORE deaths/injuries to our military when she ’embraced the enemy’….same thing Kerry did. Vets DON’T FORGRET.