Video: Obama’s Coming Coup D’état Of America

A coup d’état  of America is on the horizon, led by Barack Hussein Obama. Shockingly, certain congressional members are complicit in the treason.

Guns won’t be used—at least until the coup d’état is over. Something much more insidious will be their weapon of choice.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out about Obama’s coming coup d’état of America.

6 comments to Video: Obama’s Coming Coup D’état Of America

  • Guest

    Gee. Krissypoo, doesn’t look like this latest steaming t^rd in a long line of steaming t^rds is generating much panic. How come nobody believes your bullsh!t, cutiepie?

  • wildbill446

    Yup, “Big Brother” is here. Thank you the “Slimy Slug Barrack”

  • jorgaone

    Hey, “guest”–it seems you must be a Dem–since you aren’t even brave enough to sign in with anything approaching a REAL ID.
    How would you even recognize a panic if you saw one?
    Did you even do ANY research before that foolish comment? It would seem to choose to write first and sit back…

    • Guest

      LOL…yeah, redneck. You’re terrifying. Here’s my research, Jethro: this scumsucker Kris Zane promises Obama’s impeachment twice a week. Has it happened?

      Thanks for playing. Pick up your teeth.

  • Carolyne

    Isn’t it interesting that Obama supporters have to use obscenities to get a point across? I’ve noticed it all over the internet. Too bad their vocabularies are so limited they have to use words like “Turd.” Apparently they can’t express themselves otherwise.

    I believe Obama has already facilitated a coup d’etat in this country. He is completely lawless and has shredded the Constitution. I guess the Guest above doesn’t know what that is since he/she has such a limited vocabulary.

    • Guest

      Always a pleasure getting feedback from you bottom-feeders. I’m a longtime fan of Carolyne, whose insight and depth never fail to remind me of similarly brilliant commentators, like, say, ducks. Carolyne sweetheart, I’m a supporter of Obama in part because the changes you’re witnessing during his presidency make poisonous little bigots like you nearly obsolete. I enjoy your rage.

      And jorgaone, I’m a fan of your right-wing review of crank literature on Amazon. You bring back warm memories of the Birchers and Edwin Walker and Joe McCarthy….all of whom have been washed away like dirt off a sidewalk, just as you’re being washed away.