An Open Letter To Catholics Who Vote Democrat

Catholic Church interior

Note to my Catholic Democrat brothers and sisters:

In this world, you may have either knowledge or repose; but you may not have both.

Your Church  and your religious freedoms are under an ongoing attack being carried out under the direct control of Barack Obama, a man many of you helped put in office. While you were taking care of yourselves and your families and trusting in the wrong people, your Democrat Party has turned on you and your Church. You must now choose which one to stand with.

There may have been a time long ago when we could be both good Catholics and good Democrats, but that alliance is now a relic of the past.

Holding on to the comfort of uninformed robotic voting followed by a smug sense of having “done your duty as a citizen” is a dangerous mistake. Catholics who have taken refuge in this position are as much enemies of our nation as Catholics who willfully work to undermine our freedoms because in fact, they are achieving the same ends.

The largest potential voting bloc in American politics is the Catholic Vote. Those of us who have watched willfully blind and/or maliciously motivated Catholics erode both our nation and our Church can now no longer merely stand by and complain. Hand-wringing but doing nothing makes us just as guilty as the empty heads and the maliciously motivated in our faith.

Those who pay attention to such things will recall that during Obama’s fake government shutdown, he targeted two of his favorite enemies for special persecution: The Catholic Church and America’s Military.

One of Obama’s targets was Father Ray Leonard, a Catholic Chaplin assigned to Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia.  Father Leonard was threatened with arrest if he performed mass, administered Catholic Sacraments including Reconciliation and Last Rites, or even entered his church during Obama’s fake government shutdown.  Father Leonard filed a lawsuit to regain his rights and was immediately subjected to retaliation from Obama’s lawyers. They are withholding some of his pay and announced that his legally signed and executed contract is “being reviewed.” His is the only such contract “under review.”

Obama is NOT going to march us out of our homes and shoot us; he is just going to destroy our Church if you and I let him by doing nothing.

Make your voice be heard at every opportunity. Those of you who are not Catholics: keep in mind that should we lose, he’s coming for your Church next.

2 comments to An Open Letter To Catholics Who Vote Democrat

  • wildbill446

    The Democratic party is not the same political party your parents knew. They have evolved in to something we aren’t aware of and are shocked at what they do. They seem to be hell bent on destroying the Country that we grew up knowing and loving. I call them the “Enemy within”, the are showing their true colors of being atheistic uncaring and self serving. Look at the Success stories they have created, Detroit was the first and there are more to come L.A. California is heading that way too. Several California cities are following suit. will your state and it’s cities be next?

  • danstewart

    Anyone who votes dumbocrap is devoid of brain cells.