This Gloating Welfare Queen Will Infuriate Taxpaying Americans

Despite the left’s partisan rhetoric, most Americans realize our welfare state is rife with fraudulent recipients who simply choose to live as wards of the state rather than seek gainful employment. A program designed as emergency assistance for those unable to provide for themselves has morphed into a bloated bureaucracy that largely benefits the lazy, not the needy.

While it is one thing to understand that such fraud exists, it is exponentially more frustrating to hear one such recipient brag about the ongoing scam to the very taxpayers responsible for funding her indolence.

One such example of this occurred during a radio segment on the Austin, Texas station KLBJ. A 32-year-old caller, Lucy, called in to respond to criticism of her government-dependent lifestyle.

“Can you really blame us?” she asked. “I mean, I get to sit home. I get to visit my friends every day. I even get to smoke weed.”

Lucy went on to detail the litany of benefits she receives each month, proudly proclaiming she has no intention of ever looking for work.

“We still gonna get paid,” she explained. “Our checks are gonna come in the mail every month and they’re gonna be on time. We get subsidized housing. We even get presents delivered for our kids for Christmas. Why should I work?”

The married mother of three also indicated that her husband only works “every now and then, part-time,” adding that “he doesn’t see the need for it.”

Adding further insult to the hardworking Americans being fleeced by the federal government to support her, Lucy declared that those who actually have a job only do so to advance their superiority complex.

“That’s the price he pays for being able to say, ‘Look at me, I’m a good person,’ she said, repeating a common theme of her call.

Though Lucy admitted she didn’t know exactly how much money she receives from the government, she detailed some of the monthly benefits: $550 for rent, $450 in food stamps, $150 towards her electric bill, and $100 for water service.

“Are you talking on an Obamaphone as well?” one host inquired.

“Yeah,” Lucy responded, “I got an Obamaphone.”

Advancing the selfish logic to which many in her situation subscribe, the caller compared welfare to some sort of government-sponsored jackpot.

“If somebody offered you a million dollars, would you walk away from it?” she asked.

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