Atheist Protest Backfires Spectacularly

Photo credit: reuvenim (Creative Commons)

The godless bullies in organizations like the Freedom from Religion Foundation are constantly on the lookout for any sign of faith being displayed in the public square. These radicals embrace intimidation tactics and a bastardization of the First Amendment in their effort to dismantle all vestiges of faith that are in any way sanctioned by the government.

One recent crusade by the FFRF involved a display of crosses at the Stratton, Ohio municipal building. After spending decades in the same location, the city received a letter from the anti-God group demanding the crosses’ removal under threat of a lawsuit.

Though Mayor John Abdalla initially expressed a desire to fight the mounting pressure, he ultimately relented.

“I don’t like it,” he said at the time, “not one bit.”

It appears, however, that the crosses in question will likely be much more prominently displayed in their new locations.

Stratton solicitor Frank Bruzzese explained the religious symbols “will be on display actually more visible to the public than they use to be” after being donated to locals willing to erect them on their own property.

Though this story might ultimately have a positive result for fans of the crosses, which apparently represents the vast majority of the community, the fact that FFRF was successful only illustrates the power of such activists. For his part, Abdalla expressed frustration over the amount of influence one anonymous rabble-rouser can exert with the backing of such a group.

“This is very upsetting,” he said. “Those crosses have been there for years.”

He went on to bely the fact that he “can’t find out” who initiated the complaint in the first place.

The left’s disdain for religious expression is easily chronicled through efforts across the nation similar to this one. Faced with legal threats, most municipalities determine their best bet is to capitulate to the demands and remove whatever display is deemed offensive.

America’s founders in no way envisioned such a politically motivated culture. As with countless other issues, however, the radical left has implemented a disinformation campaign – comprised of hollow rhetoric and frivolous legal action – in an ongoing campaign to create a godless society.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: reuvenim (Creative Commons)

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