Herman Cain Joins All-Star Lineup At Western Conservative Conference

Herman Cain SC

An upcoming event featuring many of the rising stars and established heroes of the conservative movement recently announced the addition of a speaker with well-established reputation in the worlds of business and politics. Former presidential candidate Herman Cain will kick off next month’s Western Conservative Conference by serving as keynote speaker during the plenary session of the two-day convention.

Click here for a full list of guests and ticket details for the conference.

Following a reception Feb. 21, the conference will begin at 8 a.m. the following day with Cain’s address. From there, an array of speakers and breakaway sessions will provide attendees with expert analysis of many conservative issues, including immigration, taxes, attacks on the Tea Party, and the rampant fraud within the Obama administration.

Cain, who grew up in a working-class family in Atlanta, worked hard to become the CEO of a major corporation, Godfather’s Pizza, before transitioning into the political realm. He fulfilled his parents’ dream for him by earning a math degree from Morehouse College, only to continue his education at Purdue University, where he studied computer science and graduated with a Master’s degree.

He gained some national exposure during a town hall meeting in 1994, during which he confronted Bill Clinton on the issue of health care reform. Cain’s thoughtful response resulted in Newsweek magazine crediting him for dismantling the push for socialized medicine 20 years ago.

Under the Obama regime, however, the threat of government-mandated health insurance is a reality. Cain remains a vigilant opponent of this and many other leftist policies; and his ability to express conservative values in plain language and an affable demeanor have made him a popular voice on the right.

As a 2012 presidential candidate, he faced personal attacks from those intimidated by his widespread appeal. Many labeled the black Republican as a race-traitor for leaving the liberal plantation, accusations he largely dismissed as he pursued the larger mission of extolling the virtues of personal liberty and a limited government.

His strong values and ethics were formed as a child, watching his father work three jobs to provide for his family. That foundation helped him rise through the ranks in the business arena before taking the reins of his own talk radio show in Atlanta about a decade ago.

As a frequent fill-in host for nationally syndicated talker Neal Boortz – who will also be a guest speaker at the conference – Cain was chosen to take over when Boortz retired. He is now heard on stations across the country every weekday morning and has entered another realm of broadcasting with the recent launch of CainTV.com.

A lineup of guests and a conference schedule are available online at WesternConservative.org.

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